2020 Mitsubishi Attrage Facelift 1.2 / In Depth Walkaround Exterior & Interior


(Also called “Mitsubishi Mirage G4” and “Dodge Attitude”) Mitsubishi Attrage has been recently facelift and was unveiled in Thailand end of 2019 which change a new front bumper and back bumper design, new headlights-taillights and rims following a Mitsubishi Mirage. In term of engine it is still the same as previous model which is 1.2Litre In-line 3 with 78 PS (57kW) pair to either CVT automatic or 5-Speed Manual

Color : White Diamond
Price : 624,000 Baht which is around 20,600 US Dollar

Engine Spec.

3A92 1.2L DOHC 12 Value MIVEC 3 Cylinder
Max.Power.Output 78 PS @ 6,000 rpm
Max.Torque.Output 100 Nm-Torque @ 4,000 rpm
Transmission. CVT Automatic
Drivetrain. Front-Wheel-Drive



  1. Mình thấy có điểm mà chưa chịu thay đổi 1 là tay mở cửa bên ngoài 2 là phanh sau vẫn tang trống mình đang dùng attrage đời 2018 2 điểm vừa lêu là cẩn thay đổi

  2. The downside of this car is the engine is really underpower.
    Why mitsubishi use 3 inline and not 4 inline is quite stupid move of them. Thats why in my country, attrage and mirage were stop production because of this engine.

  3. Nice look if that were in the USA instead the USA gets the old version. By the way after getting steered away from this car by various dealerships with ridiculous monthly payments and insurance rates up there I have to say this is not such a great value for a car with a substandard engine. Opted for a Hyundai Accent far better value with a tad more power and great milage

  4. Hmmm…. The shape on its side view on its tail end still looks like it had been stripped down to save money.. See? Wider front then narrower to the back?

  5. Phần mặt calang thì ok Tay nắm mở cửa như wigo xấu quá, dáng vẫn hơi bần, lại ko cửa gió điều hoà hàng ghế sau, nói Chung là vẫn kém xa trong cùng phân khúc, của năm 2020


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