BREAKING: Coronavirus declared a pandemic by WHO


The coronavirus outbreak has now been declared a pandemic by the WHO – the World Health Organisation.

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  1. it's a pandemic all around the world EXCEPT in Taiwan.
    The WHO does not even keep the record of what is going on in Taiwan.Aren't the Taiwanese part of the humans on this battered planet ?? The WHO got a lot of cash from the criminal CCP gov. ,there is not any other explanation.

  2. China should have stopped travel in and out once they realised it was spreading. Why have we not had any photo's of the dead or gender of them tho', we normally do in these cases….

  3. Even after ebola sars nipah etc which are bourne from bat they don't force to stop eating Bat then who is responsible WHO SHAME SHAME BLOODY SHAME

  4. WHO's Director-General Tedros Adhanom is corrupt and incompetent.
    Tedros Adhanom treats countries prefeerentially depending on how much money he got from the country. Case in point, Japan.
    Tedros Adhanom was too slow in response. Tedros Adhanom let Japan get away with not testing. Tedros Adhanom enabled countries to do slow testing in order not to increase their confirmed cases. Tedros Adhanom must step down immediately.

  5. Current statistics show that the mortality rate of people who catch the virus is at 6%.. to put it in the prospective if 50% of the worlds population contract the virus the death toll will be in the region of 225000000 people.

    Thats is about 3 WW2 of deaths.

  6. Why wasn't sports events cancelled here sooner so the emergency services needed for jockeys injuries etc can go to the patients of Corona instead stuff Cheltenham. Blame the royal family they won't cancel anything causing large crowds

  7. We have to pray Boris Johnson stops flights and travel today – its no longer delay or containment as he keeps saying but just any damage limitation now possible !!

  8. Shame on the Chinese for the wet markets causing this & shame on the world for acting so pathetically & making this virus endemic across the world for the rest of history.

  9. 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died no pandemic in that year and a lot more deaths

  10. We are all going to catch this common cold ? that kills the old and the ill ? like it has been doing for years SO let’s all catch it NOW and get it gone .CNN FAKE NEWS

  11. Die-versity strikes again

  12. I am from Viet Nam. Although our country is developing, our gorvenment always put their people on the priority, they provided fee treating policy for people who are sick because of coronovirus. Hope somewhere treat fair with their people.


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