Bruno Fernandes or Giovani Lo Celso: Who's better to build a team around? | Extra Time


ESPN FC’s Peter Walton, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno answer your questions in Extra Time, including: If Peter can be the new head of VAR for the Premier League, (1:27) what the biggest game Peter officiated was, (2:07) if Giovani Lo Celso or Bruno Fernandes is the better player to build a team around, (2:18) what Peter’s biggest refereeing regret is, (3:37) and why Trent Alexander-Arnold is the starting right back for England over Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

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  1. Espn pundits always underestimates argentines… they're like 'how can lo celso be put in same line of bruno fernandes'?

  2. Fernandes has done more in 5 games for united then lo Celso has in 19 games so i am not sure why they even asked this

  3. Don't ever dare to put Bruno Fernandes and Lo Celso in a single sentence

    One has 35+ assist and goals in this season while the other one is just a normal midfielder


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