chocoTaco Tests CoD Warzone PLUNDER Mode ft. Viss and RealKraftyy – Call of Duty Warzone Gameplay


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  1. You should have to repack your parachute after each time you use it. That could be a way to punish the building campers. Make it take like 5 seconds or something

  2. Loadouts should not carry over. This is a game that can bring more and new players into the series no one wants to play a game where they start out at a disadvantage

  3. I’ve found out the best way to play this is to just loot do contracts and open the cash drops and stay away from other players I’ll go through this getting one or 2 kills and be fine I played by myself today I turned squad fill off and solo’d the whole game and got 7th place with almost $900k I was In first place most of the game which got me into 2 fights luckily never died and I never deposited cash just loot loot loot the whole game.

  4. This mode is crazy. But fun!!!!!!play this more often! This cash mode alone is the most enjoyable streams
    I have watched in the game world. I think mode is more employable for tge person watching.pubg has its employment but this is brining more fun to my ears and eye's

  5. I payed for 4 precision strikes and a uav. Waited untill there was 20 people left. Called the uav and nothing else could be done !
    No air strikes????? WTF? 17k wasted .

  6. It's so great to see all the learning happening, feels great to be clueless sometimes because then we have something to work towards!

  7. 24:33 that is the camper's nest…died 3 times today on my own game by same team..they are just like camping the whole

  8. watching pubg gameplay: Dude always win..
    what a satisfaction to see choco died literally after some seconds
    BTW i like his gameplay and only english gamer i watch


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