Coronavirus outbreak described by WHO as 'pandemic' amid 'alarming levels of inaction'


The World Health Organization has described the outbreak of the new coronavirus as a pandemic. WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: ‘We are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the alarming levels of inaction. We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterised as a pandemic.’
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  1. Ask us a question: what do you want to know about the coronavirus? ►

  2. YOU personally encouraged travel 2 months ago when it was the time and we still the chance to contain this outbreak. All lifes outside China that are gone now and will be lost in the coming months are on YOUR shoulders.

  3. These days, I miss Lee Jong Wook, the secretary general of WHO. He was truly committed to global health and disease eradication.

  4. We? No no, it is only “You” have never seen it but we all saw it two months ago. We should send WHO’s Tedros to the International court for trial of killing 5,436 people due to his delayed response. Wait, I forgot China will protect you.

  5. We had this for weeks.. and its very very obviously spreading like crazy in just a short time…. its not a matter of declaring it as pandemic.. they should've predicted this to be a pandemic sooner.. and now what??

  6. The only way
    to stop Covid-19 is clearly to stop all non-essential person to person
    interaction for 14 days.., house quarantine for everyone, no ifs or buts… delay
    = wrong! stager = wrong! Full enforced closures of all businesses / mass
    transport / schools etc.. Yes take the financial hit for 2 weeks “now” not
    later when it will happen anyway! The government should promise
    to compensate for loss and enforce complete lockdown for 14 days.. other than
    essential services… then the public health services will only need to deal with
    those already carrying the virus. For f-sake! Get on with the inevitable right

  7. 'Totally controlable', 'No possibility to become pandemic', 'no need to call international travel control', this shameless man and WHO who received 20 million donation from CCP keep telling the world, and now what? thousands are dying and hundreds of countries are suffering. How could such a shameless CCP sucker be in power of WHO? Let's do something to overthrow him if not the entier WHO into trashbin, before the virus keeps your family, people!

  8. World health care is under WHO which is private dog of Japan China. Crazy guy get China, Jap money and doing business there with world civilians hostage. Worst organization.

  9. Wow, glad I tuned into this page and all the "experts" comments. This is the place to go for the REAL info – in all the comments where people are putting out the "Real" news. Where DO they get all this "inside" information ? …

  10. Have an Audit of who officials in the month of May-June the real story of COVId19 will be clear exeggerating COVID 19 not even 5k people have died bloody money hingry people just exagerrating for few people gain out of it

  11. The Who has to take responsibility for the inactions of some countries. If they had called this a Pandemic earlier on people would have taken the whole situation seriously and acted accordingly. Also please note they still have not stated its a Pandemic just likening it to one.

  12. What is Crushing is, how BADLY WHO handled this right from the START. They have lost credibility and a lot if their "clout" world-wide due to this mishandling. They are closing the door, LONG AFTER the horse is out!

  13. Why has WHO never said anything about the origin of the Wuhan Virus and how it got spread from Wuhan to the whole world?!

  14. Gee – I wonder which country had an alarming level of inaction – A shame that it has to go to a Pandemic level to some politicians motivated.


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