COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in


Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur was emptier than usual on Wednesday morning (Mar 18), as the country’s 14-day “movement order control” kicked into effect. CNA’s Melissa Goh gives an update on how residents are feeling as they adapt to the changes.

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  1. be like Philippines. they Quarantine the Whole METRO Manila. Infected is not that big. they also stopped the All Religion's mass

  2. UK caught Covid19 a month later than Malaysia already hundreds positive and a dozen deaths. Probably 10k unknown cos not tested. Malaysia still about 200 plus and only 2 died? UK government allocated £350b cos economy standstill. Read Guardian for global news, US 1 trillion dollars cos recession. Malaysia?

  3. you won't die not jogging or exercising for 2 or 3 months. are you guys even making any sense? somebody needs to tell you to getting into sense? what if this was airborne? are you going to give the same damn excuse? people are just ridiculous

  4. Still want what answer? The answer is we are endangered by irresponsible
    people 's gathering and many of infected ones hidden from getting medical attention.

  5. Why are these idiots still touring and sight seeing? And those people complaining the closed parks are still not taking the virus seriously. No difference than the stupid ex pm who didn’t think closing the border such a good idea then.

  6. why this idiot reporter did not wear a mask?? i understand she looks sexy,bitch and healthy but wear a mask before losing your life!!

  7. 790 infected, 2 dead. Whole country go into lockdown. Malaysian workers worried no money. This Federation of Malusia should rename to Republic of Italy.

  8. Sure humans by nature are responsible. You just defied the governments restriction and you are talking about being responsible. I really cannot understand this.

  9. Oh my good lord! We have the same situation here across Canada. A lot of businesses already shutdown and many people lost their jobs. So stressful time.


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