Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2020

The Epic Games Store Mega Sale is back, with a free game each week and great offers on some of the biggest titles in video games. See all the games on sale here:

The Mega Sale also includes a $10 coupon issued for each purchase ($14.99 and above), and incredible discounts on major video game titles like Control, Satisfactory, Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Outer Worlds!

The Mega Sale event crashes out of the gate with an incredible free game offer: Rockstar’s best-selling, award-winning Grand Theft Auto V. Claim now through May 21 at 11:00 AM Eastern.

That’s just the just the beginning — every week of the Mega Sale we will open up the Epic Vault to reveal a new free game offer that you simply can’t miss.

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37 thoughts on “Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2020

  1. I have already received GTA V. I have not downloaded it yet. I absolutely know that Will the download still be available after May 21? (The game is already in the library)

  2. Ok this is a total coincidence
    1week ago I was trying to download gta v I downloaded and installed it than I wanted to play online but it was a pirated version so I was willing to buy a gta v but when I looked the price on steam it was out of my budget than I found someone else status that epic games are giving away free gta 5 with online so I quickly grabbed the seal and I am now happy😍😋
    So much much thanks to epic games

  3. I was thinking if you guys can put a sinnger named The Weeknd like a selectable skin with glasses or no glasseas and like deadpool with the xforce skin can you guys do the same thing but put The Weeknd with scars and a bandaid on his nose. Can you guys also add a sound when your in the lobby.The sound us called Album Title from The Weeknd. And a XO backround. I hope you guys add all this.

  4. Hi Epic Games,I would really like a free copy of GTA 5,I was waiting to get this game It is an awesome game. But now it is saying that it is unavailable in my region.Pls help.

  5. hello epic games, I wanted to install gta v for free, but it is not working. My account have been created for 48h now, and i am still getting the error of "your account is unable to download any free games at this time". I can't contact any member of epic games on epic games support, so I tweeted you @anthowayek and I am writting this comment so you can notice me. My epicgames username : SwissAttack02

  6. I REALLY want to buy red dead 2 but what if that's the game they'll give out for free in the "epic vault" or whatever?

  7. Thanks guys for releasing GTA 5 for free. I absolutely hate the Social Club which gamers are forced to log into, and then constantly logs you out, and puts you through a verification process fit for the fucking NSA. I immediately uninstalled that steaming pile of garbage you call a "gaming experience". I will never by another game published by epic ever again. You've joined the ranks of Bethesda and Blizzard, for being part of the downfall of gaming.

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