Epilepsy (generalized, focal) – tonic-clonic, tonic, clonic, causes, symptoms

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a condition characterized by recurrent and unpredictable seizures.
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48 thoughts on “Epilepsy (generalized, focal) – tonic-clonic, tonic, clonic, causes, symptoms

  1. I’m an epileptic patient with idiopathic etiology, but my doctor has kufs disease as suspect diagnosis (the first occurrence when I was 20’). As meds student I find my condition is interesting, so I always find epilepsy explanatory videos like yours is interesting (you made it easy to understand n fun to watch). Thank you for uploading this ✌️

  2. shawty had myoclonic seizures, then just had a clonic one (idk if it was tonic clonic as ofc I went unconscious and my mom didn't see when it started), then a few auras after the big shebang as well as multiple myoclonic ones daily. We haven't really gotten an explanation as to why I'm like this because I only had the clonic seizure in January of this year. But I'm on kepra and doing good for the most part 🙂 Anyways, thank you so much for the video it was pretty cool to have names for all these things, I only was given a name for the myoclonic ones.

  3. status epilepticus is when a seizure lasts more than 30 minutes. how come the video says more than 5 minutes?

  4. And u r doing a great job!! It's really helping me out in my studies. U explain such complex topics so simply. That's great!! Thanks

  5. but my doctor told me that epilepsy occured when the brain is not getting enough oxygen supply, is that correct?

  6. I was a normal kid without nothing till I ended up in severe dehydration which let to stroke and once I was completely fine I had a pretty bad accident in which I got hit in left side of my brain and started having seizures after. Doctors told me that one of the nerve inside the skull is got a scratch due to blow in head in accident and the blood is leaking directly to brain so I was asked to take levipil, I am suppose to take it every 12 hours else the my left leg will get paralyzed and I'll get seizure and end up unconscious. As tis seizure is caused by the scratch and blood leaking, they should take me to hospital else the seizure will never stop and I'll die like that,
    Worse thing is that, the doctors told me that, as the nerve is a scratch inside the skull they can't do nothing much to get it fixed and I should be on pills till the day I die. It's been seven years now.
    Morning 1 gram and night another and tats my life.

    Am a drummer basically but after tis episode am afraid to go out cuz I'll never know when tis will happen again cuz it happened couple of times like once I was playing music and while once I was on street and once while driving. I'll be unconscious hardly in a min or two once my left leg stops Working. Wish I got my old life bck

  7. When I was a baby I had a brain tumor that caused me to have epilepsy and I had both grand mal and petit mal seizures and I had to have surgery when I was seven and I never had a seizure again I’ve been seizure free since

  8. I had tonic-clonic sezure once and I can't quite remember what happened but it never happened again since I take medication thank you so much for clarifying 😃😍

  9. Something doesnt feel right to me i feel like im in a dream idk whats reality im confused all the time i cant think straight i cant sleep either

  10. I need some help I've looked at so many videos and so on and nothing is close to my violent seizures Iam 45 years old I got in a terrible accident 10 years ago and there's where my seizures started My husband says my seizures start I have no clue iam going to have one I have a seizure for about 2 minutes I drool and bite my tongue Then all of a sudden I jump up and will run sometimes full force in a wall or scream and yell help help me My husband tries to calm me but I've punched him in the face and in the throat and I've also head butted him as well I Never remember a thing Anywhere from an hour or three hours Iam out unconscious Don't remember a thing I wake up in the hospital Confused and tired and extremely in pain Iam taking 500mg of Lamotrigue and I've gone for many EEG and MRI'S and supposedly everything is normal Iam so scared I have 4 boys The older boys know what to do but iam terrified I hurt Any of them
    On one occasion I actually had handcuffs put on me for having four Paramics and two police officers attempting to strap me in a cot and put me in ambulance I've never seen or ever heard of this Iam scared and wish I knew what the hell is wrong wirh me Btw I apologize I know this is a long message Iam terribly sorry Thanks

  11. 7:16 Neurologists used the MRI to find out I have Epilepsy because I was born with a hole in my Broka Area (which is why I have trouble remembering how to talk while waking up from a seizure).

  12. I'm not sure what kind I have but I would pass out and my eyes would shake in the back of my head
    It's like conic clonic but it only effects my eyes and head making them jerk or shake. I'm not in one very long but cant remember what happened half the time. I'm now 19 on medication for it. It's been 4 years since they found out I had seizures. 2019 I went a year without seizures until November where I went to a rave with a friend. I used to have alot of triggers but since I'm on meds for them the only trigger I have now is strobe lights. In highschool before I was put on the meds the triggers included being overheated,overexherted,not enough sleep,strobe lights,dehydration and few more. It's scary at times and awful to have seizures but I know the feeling and I wish only the best for everyone trying to live life with seizures😄🙂😁❤ good luck hope things get better

  13. my son has tonic-clonic, and absence seizure. he's 10yo and we are seeing the doctor for treatment now. this video is very useful, because everytime doctor explains something, me and wife have difficulty to understand…so this video makes me understand. thank you.

  14. I had seizures every since I was 7 years old and still have them and I finally got the vns is it works great for me I haven't had no seizures in almost 3 years now

  15. Wow I literally thought that I was gonna find some Cameron Boyce comments…..
    But it looks like I’m the only one here that’s here b. Of Cameron Boyce:(

  16. Good lord I’m about to have a damn panic attack watching this. Love the information but not a fan of when I’ve had grand mal seizures

  17. I wish I had an answer as to why I’m epileptic and why it started in jr. high and continues today, over 20 years later

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