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20 thoughts on “GOT7 "NOT BY THE MOON" M/V

  1. I don't stan, but I'm here because I like Got7 music.
    Kinda sad that majority of the comments here is how you should str3am and people getting upset about the vi3ws. I'm sure Got7 just wants their fans to enjoy their music. Not to freak out about vi3ws. This is really sad to me : (

  2. Don't delete history the views won't be counted to Yotube. Don't replay too. Just watch in intervals for example you watch this MV every 10/15 minutes. You can also watch this MV then switch to another video then come back to watch this MV again.
    If you wanna str3am easily, watch this video with a different youtube account

  3. Don't listen to other people's opinion on how you should stream or wateva for all you now they could be poser acting like ahgases to confuse is and not be able to vote of stream for our boys do what you know is right don't listen to them. They are trying to henswr and confuse is don't to them please. JUST STREAM THIS NBTM AS Well As VOTE GUYS. AHGASE OUT.

  4. şu an farkettim de g ıdleın oh my god şarkısı 2 haftada 77 milyon izlenmiş bizim işimiz bayaa bi zor

  5. Ahgases if you want to support got7 ( mostly to gain a win) there's a list about what you can do:

    str3am the MV correctly ( 480 p quality at least, don't mute it, use a account, watch till the end without pausing, wait 10 minutes to replay it or watch another mv

    str3am their nbtm stage music core on naver : If you aren't able to see it use VPN( an app)
    The vi3ws counts a 10% for wins

    Str3eam on genie, soribada.. Basically korean sites to chart the song!!! if you can't , do it on spotify

    -MUBEAT: it's for music core. Download it, you can collect 45 beats free every day by watching ads. The beats are for voting ( Normally the time to vote starts tuesday until friday) Log in on different accounts.

    – IDOL CHAMP: show champion

    Collect blue hearts by answering quizzes, daily attendance, or getting 30 likes on a comment. These are important cause you use them to DONATE CHART everyday on got7.
    Collecr red hearts by watching ads everyday USE THEM FOR PRE- VOTING

    If you have any question just ask 😉 as they worked so hard let's return it! Enjoy the comeback

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