Here’s Why Bruno Fernandes Was Worth £47m


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➤➤ Bruno Fernandes 2020, Skills, Passes, Goals, Assists

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  1. After all the false transfer with this guy thank fuck he didn’t get snapped up by someone else and definitely not someone in the premiership

  2. I knew we got the right player after watching his debut against Wolves. He didnt score or make assist but he was really quick distributing the ball (most new players wouldve struggled with PL pace) and the way he "forced" his teammates to keep going. Hes brilliant.

  3. Let's see (if it happens) Fernandes play alongside Pogba. Gotta give it a go, but who do you leave out as we've been playing so well lately?

  4. I can see why Pogba wants to play with him. He brings this level of confidence, this arrogance that he puts this belief upon you! I like this style a lot, he is making United well worth watching.

    Bet Pogba feels like he would benefit from this style of play that Bruno is producing. He would bring out the best Pogba maybe? Plus I’d Pogba returns this would open things up for Bruno too!

    Hope Pogba does comeback and tear shit up with Bruno! Just look at how much Bruno has had a impact on Martial! It’s been huge!

  5. he is a system player, he plays to make other looks good, pogba, he plays for himself. if you watch pogba vs bruno highlights, its massive difference. he scooped lob reminds me of michael laudrup.

  6. Ole has so far bought the right players in:
    – Maguire (Leader)
    – Bissaka (A wall)
    – Daniel James (good squad player)
    – Bruno Fernandes (world class)
    – Ighalo (good loan)

  7. Yoooo! I am watching this video and I paused at 2:23 min to comment and just WOW! THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE SEEN IN LIKE MAY BE YEARS…..WOW! AND THE MUSIC TO MATCH

  8. Really excited about Bruno. Thank you for the vid. He keeps it simple, and makes it easy for his team mates to receive his passes. His team mates just need to make runs and give him options. He's only played a handful of games so far and you can see he makes United tick. Cant wait to see the progress and you will see the chemistry improve even more!

  9. Bruno needs to build up more chemistry with Martial and Daniel, I’m sure city’s game can finish more than two goals If they did better pass to Bruno


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