Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison!


4K Camera Test – Huawei P40 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera – Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode, Slow motion video, and more.

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  1. With my mounthly budget because the corona virus , the maximum that i can buy is redmi note 4 without screen protector —- > in 36 payments. 😂

    No post editing – – > LG V60 straight up – beast mode with ….

    V60 is Sonifi Night King and awesome audiophile recording you'll notice both of these things blast all the way through this video… 👆

  3. In regular daylight taking videos and pictures, the iPhone is by far the best and most realistic but in the dark, the P40 takes the lead and in pitch, pitch darkness the Galaxy is king. I personally prefer the iPhone it has a realism that the others just don't have.

  4. Why did not you talk about the zoom of them, l really know that Huawei is better than them about own zoon because is better
    If you think guys, I'm right click. "like"

  5. Wait another 2-3 years…. iPhone will still keep up whereas the others will perform similar to those entry level smartphones

  6. I love tech youtubers but I wish they would test out the less powerful versions of phones. You know like the ones a majority of people can afford.

  7. Thanks for giving us a fair camera comparison without all the brand bashing other content creators do! Great video, keep up the great work! 🙂

  8. I really consider that Pixel should be in this discussion, especially if you compare phones not only cameras. The Pixel is ages ahead in services integration, AI, etc vs others. Sorry Huawei, no Google , no deal.

  9. P40 camera is trash.
    Its really a toss up between iPhone and Ultra. I prefer APPLES imaging software over Samsungs, but the Ultra has made very big improvements.


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