This is so different from their past two releases and I’m here for it! It shows growth and evolution. I like that even though the sound has changed here they were able to keep their main chore concept which is all about self confidence, self love and me, myself and I type of vibe! I like how they’re showing that you don’t need to conform to the norms to please others, try to fit in but that you just need to be your true self and only then will you shine. I adore this type of message. The structure of the song was pretty similar to their other songs so in that sense “it is very itzy like” also they also managed to find a great balance throughout the song. I feel like this fits their vocal range better tbh and that rap was probably Ryujin’s best rap ever (only title track). The dance break is once again incredible and damn do I love their ending pose! Such an amazing comeback!

→ Watch the MV here:



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  1. Hello that's such a good reaction!!😍
    can you make a reaction to Kang Daniel comeback that will be release tommorow On
    2020.03.24 6PM (KST)
    U can check the highlight medley here

    the title track named "2U", can't wait to see your M/V reaction💙

  2. wow thats such a good reaction!!😍
    can you make a reaction to Kang Daniel comeback M/V too that will be release On
    2020.03.24 6PM (KST)
    U can check the highlight medley here

    the title track named 2U, can't wait to see your M/V reaction😍💙

  3. babe please could you check out and reacting to Kang Daniel's comeback '2U' that will be released on 24 March and Ong Seongwu's solo debut 'Gravity' on 25 March! And yes ongniel will be blessing us. Thank you xoxo

  4. Please make reaction to pop-boygroup from central Asia, the name is 'Ninety one' – the song name is "Men emes"
    They are the top group in their country
    I'm 💯 sure that you like this one
    Please please please

  5. I've said this in their mv but let me give the fact again..

    For Korean cutting hair short especially girl can also means to move on from breakup or bad things that happened and also significant for changes of mood or getting better for the sake of one self (for songs that symbolise these perfectly listen to Hair Short by Wings)

  6. GZBKarma: talks a lot about how cool itzy is while reacting to Wannabe
    Me:*literally having a 1 cm gap between my lips while reacting*

  7. Itzy clearly didn't change much here apart from giving Ryujin the spotlight for this comeback and Wannabe is pretty similar to Dalla Dalla BUT i'm not complaining much, it's still a solid song and less noisy. If anything, this 2nd comeback still hasn't highlighted Itzy as a vocal powerhouse (all overall good singers but even Lia the main vocalist hasn't stood out at all), and am not the biggest fan of the choreo (yes i've seen the full stage), it looks like the members want to move more but the choreographer said not this time 😕 they stick to the core concept that sells their identity + attract most viewers best, and self motivation lyrics + heavy trap beat are pretty much their signature sound already, much like Gfriend with sad lyrics + orchestra and Dreamcatcher with rock sound.

  8. I dunno…thematically it's pretty similar to their previous hits. They just went sparser on the instrumentation & rhythms and rely more on major tones in the melody. I think they decided to go pretty safe musically. Now what I'm curious to monitor is how their timing of the release will turn out. On one hand, they're not going to be able to promote themselves as usual. But since the other groups are delaying releases, they'll have less competition so they should be able to rack up some wins. Along with that, their video views should also be higher since everyone is cooped up–YT video views in S. Korea have skyrocketed in the last month.

  9. So here's what I'm thinking: There have been VERY few girlgroups in K-pop history that were anywhere near as polished as Itzy after just one year. Twice didn't reach that level until Twicetagram, SNSD not until Genie, Red Velvet not until Russian Roulette, and 2NE1 not until their 2011 record; in fact, the only ones I can come up with who were THIS scarily professional this shortly after debut are f(x) and Blackpink – MAYBE Gfriend in a pinch.


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