Jim Brickman – Valentine (Official) ft. Martina McBride


Official music video for Jim Brickman’s “Valentine” from the Picture This album ft. Martina McBride.

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  1. I tried to write a comment about how lovely and emotional this song is, but I couldn’t found the suitable words ❤️

  2. wonderful piano play, wonderful voice, if i don't watch this video,i thought she was an african amercan singer

  3. I saw Martina in concert about 20 years ago & one of the women went with a had a huge crush on. I had to look away when she played this song so she couldn't see me cry

  4. 2/14/ 16 memories never be erased one day hope we can find peace I will always love you know matter how far apart you are always be in my ❤️ sorry and forgiveness will come one day for both of us truely wish happiness and love and peace for you no matter what happened 2/14/16 divorce can never take that day away from us no matter what my valentine will always be 2/14/16 forever journey has two paths now only God tell us how will end up

  5. My love is no longer with me, my heart breaks. He will forever be my Valentine. I miss him so. The cruelty of death is LOVE doesn't end. I love him even more in death , "until the end of time. You're all I need, my Love, my Valentine." ?

  6. I love all of Martina McBrides songs she sings very gorgeously beautiful she is my favorite best country singer ever !!!

  7. I was dating my Future Wife. Until the Biggs restaurant Played this song. Now Im Alone. I Just played this song everytime Cause whenever i played this song I remember My Happy Valentine's ever with her

  8. This year's Valentine was my first since I lost my husband in Sep last year. As it happens to fall on Friday when I usually go to visit his grave, so instead of laying a single red rose as I usually do like at the end of this clip, I laid a bouquet of 11 red roses which symbolise undivided love. He's still my Valentine and will always be my Valentine, until the end of time. I miss you terribly my dearest husband, my best friend


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