Johnny Depp Has 80 Videos Of Amber Heard! Remove Her From Aquaman 2!


Hollywood is full of hypocrites. If they really cared about this type of behavior Amber Heard would of been removed from Aquaman 2 and other people would be speaking out.


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  1. Deeply disturbed woman and I totally agree with you I am not going to spend my money watching her in any movie or buying L’Oréal products nor supporting the human rights movement that’s she’s ambassador of……not one cent

  2. Quartering please remember that you can not and should not judge every one in the aquaman castbfor not speaking up. You do not know if they even know about this. And also may I remind you that you shouldn't be such foul thing's about people you don't know. I am not siding with her, but I am taking a stand for everyone who worked with her and its quite possible that they had a bad relationship with her and are afraid to speak out. Jeremy I like your content but I believe that you are being swayed by to many things that are clouding your judgment and thought process. Please please stop taking such a completely good and evil stance you need to remember that there is always a grey area. This is sadly the second video that I have to put a dislike on and I hate that. But both come down to the same thing. Don't destroy some that some people may love just because you don't. In many situations I've seen you in you become too riled up to notice that you can be making a mistake. For example you and 8 thought, both of you were in the wrong. First with him attacking you in such a awful way and then acussing you publicly. Next you were in the wrong not only because you then made a video trying to antagonize him but then went to twitter and made some possible threats that went too far. Both of you are at fault, 8 thought should have apologized for attacking you and publicly condemning you but you should also apologize for bringing this problem further into the spotlight. If both of you would have privately conversed I believe you and 8 would have come to a conclusion. Once again I love what you do here and I appreciate your hard work but i'd like to see you try harder on not condemning everyone just because of one person.

  3. Just remember that you shouldn't punish everyone who worked on aquaman because of one person. I personally am going to see aquaman 2 because I love Jason Momoa. So just remember Jeremy don't punish everyone because of her

  4. All I know is that I ain't watching any movies with her in it. I'm really sorry to Jason Mamoa, but I'm not supporting her EVER.

  5. You have a 61 year old female viewer and I thank you for bringing out that men are abused also. I’m a woman married to a man and I’m all about women’s issues. But I see men getting a bad wrap with regards to parenting and being abusers. I stand up for women’s rights but that means EVERYONES rights must be upheld!

  6. The thing about Disney is they didn't look in on it

    Warner Bros however did look into it hence why he was still in the Fantastic Beasts

    The Auqaman cast properly don't want to be dragged into it. And i can't blame them

  7. Depp = weinstein type ! Both wear big mask , depp = drugs junky & alcholic junky ! Depp goes off video watch it see his true behaviour !

  8. The sun had prove , nasty depp want burn amber & vocceth her dead body ! Called : your idol depp is giant psycho necrofile voccer ! Totally disgusting dude !

  9. When I was going through my custody battle. I would get verbally abused everyday for over 3 years. Cant say anything back cause I'm a man! Court systems always on the women side. I'm pretty thick skin but shit real. Men get abuse to the the social stigma is real.

  10. Why aren't people charged & convicted of bearing false witness in regards to serious crimes. I don't mean a slap on the wrist which is what probably the case now. Sadly feminist want "Equality" which they already have but want the continued archaic based privileges like in divorces (Getting most of the property & kids etc) & child support when they spend little on the kids. I've seen numerous false rape accusations at work (Large Innercity park) which our CCTV prove never happen &,they just walk away scotfree with no guilt or any legal consequences after almost having an innocent guy in prison for bollocks..?

  11. I wouldn't want to be hit by someone in training I don't care how big they are. They have missles everywhere and she's is evil no doubt.

  12. White working class Male = u don’t stand a chance with
    anything, anywhere, anymore wenit comes to anyone that isn’t.
    Some may thing that’s OTT but those who get it, get it
    The pendulum can swing to far the other way

  13. i admire Mamoa as a an actor, become a fan from his star gate participation…and loved aquaman, but i wont see next movie…simple

  14. Amber Heard was a nobody before him. She catapulted herself off of him Completely! And sucked the life out of him in the process. She gets better looking and more powerful as he loses more of his trademark beauty and she shakes his rock solid reputation with slander.

  15. From what I know and what I saw in all of this case , she even should get in prison for what she did to Johnny. So firing her is not something cruel. Firing her is all because she was the reason that Johnny got fired from Pirates movies . So everyone is saying how could disney fire a person who is not proven to be guilty and just by the words of a woman without any proof they did that. So if this is the case , she should be fired as well. Seems justice to me specialy for that amount of cruel person she is , this is by far the minimom punishment for what she did. If all was reversed and it was johnny he would be in jail and fired and boycotted by everything. That's the problem. But again I know cause I 've been digging about this case from the start and I know that she did a lot of things that should pay for it by law. I don't know but you may not be aware of some of it. But what she did to johnny depp was a full cruel crime and unforgivable

  16. For the recording I should say that Amber herself was the one recording these audios and they both were aware of it , cause it was for the therapy for their relationship, To listen to it again and fix things. You can hear at one point johnny saying go listen to the tapes, that's why they are for. So they taped all of their conversations about their problems in their relationship. And both were aware of that. And amber herself was the one recording them and then send it to johnny depp.

  17. The narcissistic bitch"heard," needs NEVER to be allowed to work again . Woman kind needs to reject her fully for her behaviour (or lack of it ). She cheated with jimmy franco …"watch the vid of her sneaking him up to her pad " as well as Elon musk , this bitch is psycho , very dangerous , should be sectioned and throw away the key .


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