KINGDOM SEASON 2: Ending Explained & Full Netflix Season Breakdown


KINGDOM SEASON 2: Ending Explained & Full Netflix Season Breakdown. We break down the latest season of the Netflix Zombie Period Peace.

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Kingdom Season 1 Recap
Ok so quick recap of the first season to get you up to speed.

The King of The Kingdom was on deaths door and a mysterious plague ravaged the land. Eyes soon turned to who would be his successor and initially it seemed like the Crown Prince Chang would be a shoe in.

However, The Queen was also apparently pregnant and due to the Crown Prince being of illegitimate birth her child would become the heir should he be born whilst the king was still alive. The King died and though it seemed like this meant that the Crown Prince would ascend to the throne, the evil Queen and her Father, Senator Cho had other plans.

Using a rare herb known as the resurrection plant the Queen was able to bring the King back from the dead and she planned to keep him this way until she had an heir in place.

As we theorised in our last breakdown of the show, the Queen had had a miscarriage and thus she had been rounding up pregnant women in the palace in the hopes of taking their child. There was a mole with the crown princes group, and to make matters worse, the zombie King had passed the disease on to others and now the undead disease was spreading like wildfire throughout the land.

The Crown Prince saw this first hand and the first season centred around him fighting off the plague that was tearing things apart.

Cho did whatever he could to kill Chang and the first season ended with him sending a legion of the undead to a location where he was making a stand.

Kingdom Season 2 Themes
After some back story to the herb Season 2 picks up almost immediately where the first season ended with the horde storming the Crown Prince’s forces.

I’ve always viewed Kingdom as a class struggle story and that is definitely exemplified here. In the first season many of the rich characters hosted large banquets whilst the poor literally ate one another and here that aesthetic is continued. Food is God and this message of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few plays heavily into the finale.

Though it wasn’t intentional, in light of recent events, the show is almost metaphorically depicting how people will try to do whatever they can to survive, even if that means stealing all the toilet paper I mean rice…

The Zombies represent people at their base instincts, fighting for whatever they can whilst those in power are cool, calm and calculated, happy to let those that they view as insignificant fight amongst themselves.

There are several examples of this in the six-episode run and ultimately the show states that on the whole though humans tend to be self-centred, we are strongest when we work together.

Though the intro is laced with subtext it’s also just amazing to watch and it’s probably one of the best openings to a season well…ever.

kingdom season 2 ending explained netflix

Kingdom Season 2 Plot Recap
Overwhelmed the forces retreat and we discover that not only is the Princes trusted advisor Mu, the mole, but that the disease had also been used in the past as part of biological warfare.

We realise later in the season that the sick and elderly were transformed into the undead through the plant and used to fend off the Japanese forces three years prior.

Once more this shows how the higher ups have little regard for the frail and the show is eerily similar to current events and rules that have been put in place when caring for those that the government view as offering little to society.

The Prince realises that he must end the disease in the land no matter what and with a skeleton crew he heads out after Cho. He sees first hand the desperation…

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  1. Let me know your thoughts on the season and what you think was up with the mysterious character at the end. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel

  2. honestly kind of annoyed at the fact seo-bi never got the thank you she deserves. seo-bi did more than you think. she did a lot of research regardless of people not appreciating it at all. i really enjoyed this serie but am surprised that even outside of the series, the people that enjoy this never actually turn around to think about what seo-bi did. she is my favorite out of all of them.

  3. Accidentally came upon this show and instantly became addicted! Thought the dubbing would bother me, but the whole show is phenomenal. I demand more episodes. Don't keep me waiting!

  4. i can't wait for the season nice story and effects are so trailing..goosebumps every episode..salute to the director and writer to the actors..????????

  5. Korean tv shows honestly are the best because they ALWAYS leave a good bad ass ending to get you watching more, hands down!

  6. Heavy spoilers if you loved kingdom , i would suggest you to watch Signal written by the same writer. It's brilliant!

  7. I don't get it tho… Seo bi put new King in the water, and we saw worms leaving his body…. why he is suddenly still infected… The Crown Prince and his crew were purify in water as well yet there's nothing wrong with them after this 7 years.

  8. Okay so hear me out on my theory for this. Remember how lord Ahn said that when u get bitten u dont turn into a zombie(korea and japan war) and and during the the crown prince's time everyone that got bit turns into zombie. And at the end of season 2 someone was actually selling it to commoners or peasants. I've got a feeling that the girl at the ending was either chinese or Japanese spy that is actually experimenting on the flower and selling it to peasants for them to spread the disease in order to create chaos in korea as revenge from the war.

    Idk if i made any sense, English is not my 1st language. Feel free to let me know ur thoughts.

  9. Kingdom is definitely one of my favorites. The zombies are awesome! I can't tell by any of the "clues" in the cave whether the young woman they found is friend or foe. I can't wait for the third season to find out.

  10. Everyone loves the Tiger Hunter's character. Yes, he's a badass but seems like everyone forgot what he did, which turned this disease into an epidemic by cooking the dead body to feed the sick village lol..

    When I watched the scene that the worms got out of bitten people, it reminds me more of the korean movie named "deranged" back in 2012.. when people get drown in the water, the worms get out of their body.. The only different is, when people get into the water, worms get out and people also die from it. Not get healed like in the Kingdom lol.. Anyway, "Deranged" is also an ok movie to watch lol..

  11. This is a very beautiful Korean Drama. I cried when The Crown Prince gave up his throne to the newborn who is not a royal blood.

  12. 세자가 마지막에 입고 나왔던 옷은 장례기간에 입어야 하는 옷이다. The last clothes that the three princes wore are clothes that should be worn during the funeral. 그 옷이 좀비의 피로 물들여지는 것을 보았나요? Did you see the clothes dyed with zombie blood? 그리고 첫 시즌 첫 장면에서 왕자가 왕을 만나기 위해 붉은 옷을 입고 비를 맞는 장면을 기억하나요? And remember the first scene of the first season, the prince wearing red clothes and rain to meet the king? 이 두 장면은 매우 중요한 의미가 있습니다. 그 의미를 찾아보시는것은 어떨까요?? These two scenes are very important. How about finding the meaning ?? 참고 : 한국의 그 시대에는 왕은 붉은 옷을 입었습니다. Note: In those days of Korea, the king wore red clothes

  13. Just fyi, you kept calling the doctor Seobiya but her name is Seobi. In Korean, people add 'ya' or 'a' at the end of the name when they're trying to get someones attention. It's an informal way of speaking. If you're talking about the person but not to them you wouldn't add the 'a' or 'ya'.

  14. You forgot to mention how the worm mutates( becomes contagious after people ate the one who died because of being bitten by the king, plus the how temperature affects it) which is as interesting as the political intrigue from the show.

  15. 3 friggin plotholes. First of all, why didnt Seo Bi tell Lee Chang about the water and fire when she had the chance. Second of all, why df couldnt he just be king and let the kid live his life. They could've just said he died with his mom also Lee Chang and the others knew he was the son of his guard. Third of all, wtf the worm is still in the kid? That doesnt make sense, cuz he got cured the worms got out after Seo Bi dumped him in water. So all and all. The serie is good af, but those points i just mentioned was just badly done IMO. Btw will there be a season 3?

    Ps: i wanna be just like the tiger guy when i grow up, he cool af ☹

  16. The ending was pretty disappointing to say the least. I’m having trouble following the logic of the ending. Why couldn’t he let the kid live and still become king? So many people fought, died, and sacrificed for him to become king, only to put some no name baby on the throne. Everyone, even himself, believed to be a better ruler than the Cho clan who usurped they throne essentially, but then he goes against all that and put someone else in charge. He could’ve adopted the kid, or even sent him away with his mother and let them live out their days. He didn’t have to either die or become king. What a weird choice.

  17. don’t mind me cringing every time their names are mispronounced, maybe you saw the dubbed version ( i like to get the feel from hearing the actor’s real voice, so sub is the way for me ) but great summary & explanation as always ?✨

  18. For me the second season is worse than the first season. So many plot holes and plot armor. The ending really doesn’t make any sense. He does not need to kill the baby. But leaving the throne to a infant is pure stupidity. What people need is a king who give them peace and food. Historically, child king never turns into a wise leader. Instead, other people will seek to control the child and claim the power, that will turn the country into turmoil again.

  19. That scene in the frozen lake was fucking BADASS!!! the whole show is a masterpiece, but that scene, punching the frozen lake with his bare hands and then finishing it with that slam was EPIC!!!! that is one of the best characterization about how a real hero should be.


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