Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid 2-3🔥Rio Ferdinand Slams Adrian and klopp reaction Match Analysis&react


Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid: A tale of two goalkeepers as Reds crash out of Champions League
Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid (agg. 2-4): A crucial error from Adrian saw Atletico Madrid seize control of the tie in extra-time and never look back

Adrian error Vs Atletico Madrid: Liverpool goalkeeper costs Liverpool tie with horrific blunder
Adrian error Vs Atletico Madrid: Liverpool goalkeeper costs Liverpool qualification ahead with a horrible blunder in the extra time.

Liverpool would be surely missing Alisson Becker as goalkeeping horrors once again strike at Liverpool in the Champions League, as Adrian’s prolific mistake cost Liverpool the tie against Atletico Madrid.

Both sides were in an intense contest during the regular playing time of the game, with Liverpool matching the goal against the Spaniards, which led the game to the extra time.

But as soon the extra time in the game begin, Atletico Madrid accelerated their attack and started having more control in the game. Yet it was not hazardous for Liverpool until Adrian made an unforgivable mistake.

The Spanish goalkeeper makes a poor clearance, which directly lands at Joao Felix, who immediately feeds the ball to Marcos Llorente, then a low shot beats the keeper, who made a poor attempt at diving.



  1. They don’t realize how brilliant Athleticos defending, pressing and counter attacking is because Athletico is not from England so they don’t deserve praise

  2. Liverpool is a disgusting team, they won 1 champions league and they think themselves as invincibles. When u see van djik blaming his teammate for the loss, I mean it's totally opposite of their motto "you 'll never walk alone".

  3. Crouch was 100% right. These teams are built differently. Atletico are not built to play Liverpool's football. What they did against Liverpoil was the right game plan. Football is simple, the goal is to win. Atletico beat Liverpool 2 times in 2 games. That is all that matters.

  4. Is Rio the only one in This room with some sense? Athletic defended Better than liverpool attacked for 90 min. Then athletic Both attacked and defended Better for 20 min. Thats Why They got the win. And to say that there is nothing ”genious” About successfully implement their game plan away is just idiotic. Creds to Rio though Who is the only one understanding football

  5. Next Tie, but there is no tie 😂😅🤣. What Michael Owen said is true, Liverpool were the better side, but it does not matter, Atletico has won, Diego simeone night not be a tactical genius, he might not have an organized tactic, but he still won.

  6. Where is shaqiri ? Should have put him in Such a good strong player, he is wasting his time, should leave Liverpool

  7. Klopp tried to hide his anger at Adrian. On the surface, he said a lot of polite words, in fact, he thought of countless cursing words.

  8. The real bottom line is…..there fucking bubble has burst because they thought they were goner go through the season unbeaten….AN UNBEATEN SEASON IS NOT FOR EVERYONE

  9. After the first leg,it was always the plan for simione to take it to extra time in 2nd leg,he knew he will conceade a goal,but only a goal,nothing more than that,and after 90 minutes,1 all on the agg,atletico was focused coz it was their plan on the other hand liverpool thought "yea we are in anfield,we'll score 3 goals in first half and win the match in 60 min",and they panicked in the later half of the extra time.
    It was all part of the plan for simione,coz thats how they play n thats why its genius.

  10. Klopp mentioned the luck Liverpool had in previous European campaigns. The footballing Gods evened it out in this match and reduced their luck and they lost having played so well. The Gods they kill us for their sport like wanton boys kill flys. lol…….Lord of the fly's if you are wondering.


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