MARTIAL HATERS SIT DOWN! Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City FanCam


Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City and Anthony Martial haters need to sit down now says this United fan. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here

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  1. Always on the fence with Ole in Ole out when Utd win but when we lose Ole out. Realise this you knobheads that he's cracked the big team code , needs creativity to beat the small teams and thats the next stage. Back him. Give the man credit for getting MUFC in this position despite Rashy , Mcsauce , Pog out for important chunks of the season
    Hope no one says we arent making any progress IF we lose against spurs.

  2. Martial is not an out and out striker he like Rashford in that he is a fast skillful forward that will score goals and is a constant threat.
    Utd may have found their out and out stiker in Ighalo.

  3. OK bro we're here really saying martial haters sit down, lol, you must of been at the chip shop to long, even Ryan giggs has been critical of his lazy displays, he clears a few headers and scores a scuffed effort a Saturday morning child would have saved, needs to do a lot more to not merit a exit from Carrington, plus this has been going on for seasons since he lost the number 9 under mourinho, now he has it back not a lot has changed

  4. Bruno Bruno Bruno came from sporting like Cristiano he goes left he goes right makes defences look shite he’s our Portuguese magnifico

  5. You two faced ass you were all for getting rid of Ole a few weeks ago Get a life and go away for good please that way no more crap at transfers as well

  6. So sick and tired and mark and his haters sit down comments. Martial has been lazy for a long time. He has improved both his hussle play finishing with Bruno. He’s greatly improved but to dismiss the previous claims about his laziness is just being brain dead.

  7. Eh, martial can play football! But we said he is lazy! And not sufficient fighter like manutd player! And his goal today is bruno 's job!

  8. i hope ole rest alot them players against lasc i think we dont need go strong next game give our second string great game to get pogba fitness id go with a mid of scott pogba and why not gomez maybe give him game time might change his mind backline id go with 4 with williams jones lindelof and dalot up front chong greenwood and igalo that team more than good enough to win i think given players a well deserved rest after city game what ye think of that team spurs is the more important game we still have a second leg in europa after spurs rest games fairly easy

  9. Martial haters sit down? Did you not see Martial taking a shot from a hard angle with a defender blocking him when Fernandes was completely open on clear goal? Football intelligence from some of our players really has to fucking improve!

  10. I personally dnt understand the hate on Martial. He is similar to Berba, class and skill on the ball. Once we start playing better with Rashford and Pogba back, Martial can only get better and score more.

  11. Good goal from Martial but I'm not going to be singing his name after a goal. performance is what it's about and I think Martial was far from the best in the team. Still, I did not see fight from him when losing the ball. head down when had the ball took off him, City was close to scoring and martial still sulking, just could not be arsed. did not even look towards the play when Marez swooped in a cross. I feel martial is saving himself for other agendas like FRANCE International Games. Other players in United when getting had off will fight and close down the player. Martial sulks, Pogba is the same. Great Goal from him but it should have been more if not for selfish play. Poor overall performance from Martial IMO even with a great goal. I just feel with him there is something missing, maybe that's Rashford! I just know his overall play ATM is not good enough!


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