Multiple sclerosis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is multiple sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and progressive neurological disease that results in neuronal cell death, which can lead to a variety of symptoms. Find more videos at

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39 thoughts on “Multiple sclerosis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

  1. Don't forget the Natalizumab in Natalies with MS, alpha-4-integrin inhibitors, nat makes the brain fat so avoid in JCV or PML

  2. I'm at a stage where I don't study medicine topics until I watch a video on that topic from ur channel !! Ur explanation helps me understand what's written in the book ! Thanku from a medico 🙂

  3. Thankyu god for showing me the osmosis…it was a suggestion. You guys have no idea how it is helping me in clearing the concept. The no 1 channel in you tube….♥️♥️

  4. Couldn’t the progress of multiple sclerosis be kept in check by keeping immune system busy? So, I googled if there has been found a correlation between regular vaccination and lowering chances to get MS in the first place or improving chances for a faster recovery after a relapse of MS. Unfortunately, it seems that studies have looked in a different direction – if vaccines worsen the state of MS patients, which in itself seems plain dumb to me, at least the answer was “no, they do not increase risks” to nobody’s surprise.

    Anyway, I think from now on I’ll get regular annual flu shots, thus in a way serving as a lab rat, let’s see how it works for me. Actually, it should be done in any case.

  5. Not officially diagnosed yet, waiting for an MRI scan later this year. And have been sent to test for vitamin D.
    So far it has been relatively easy on me, but there were a couple of episodes with three year pause in between, when my hands got tingly, then lost sensitivity and became very weak, for some days I couldn't even sign papers. And some months ago I got a limp and walking became difficult, then I relapsed, but just past weekend while out on a walk one leg again became weak after a couple of kilometres, it's like nerves have discharged and need to rest for a while, sitting or just standing helps for a little while, then again nerves get "discharged". Were limping all the way back home, iverstressed some muscles in the process, but the next day it was gone, can even run now, maybe not fast, but I can. And now one arm feels a bit numb, like after an exercise, yet it moves with no problems.
    No idea, how fast this will progress in my case.

  6. I'm in my first year of diagnosis. Last year I had an otic neuritis followed 3 months later by a nystagmus.
    It's sometimes easy to forget the severity of this condition, because at present the worst I endure is some residual vision blurring, brain fog, and fatigue. I have been on Tysabri for 10 months and haven't had an attack for that whole time.
    Videos like this are very informative and necessary, but they get me worried about the future again.

  7. Dear MSers, i have MS and it's a moderate case but it's characterized by SEVERE anxiety , i also have heavy fatigue, brain fog, body weakness and all of that. I take tecfidera but the anxiety and the fatigue and balance was getting worse. I decided to finally take the popular diabetes drug metformin and the results are fantastic, everything is better, balance, movement, leg strength and most importantly anxiety, im still suffering but things are getting a lot better. It's up and down as always but now the overall path is up. Bless your hearts everyone

  8. Yeah, I’m 22 year old male with this. I just plow on and it is what it is. I’m not dead and it could be worse if I’m being honest. There’s more people in the world who suffer more than I do and most of us. There’s many types of drugs to help with relapsing and symptoms and for now, the only thing I get is tiredness and had a numb right arm for 6 months now

  9. Last year at the age of 47 I was diagnosed with LADA (late onset autoimmune T1 adult) diabetes. I was at the time asked several times whether I had diabetes in my family but I only know of a distant cousin on my mums side diagnosed type 1 as a child. When I read up about type 1 diabetes in juveniles/adults it seemed that autoimmune disease in general in close family can predispose oneself to autoimmune disease whether it be Hashimoto disease, Crohn’s disease, Coeliac disease, Alopecia areata etc. My mum has secondary progressive MS, diagnosed 30 yrs ago with no relapse/remitting just a very slow progression that dominates the right side of her body. She’s now 75 and still does her own thing, lives independently (with the odd fall here and there) and shows no sign of wanting to slow down. This may well be the stupidest thing ever to say but I accept T1 as it is controllable than MS which is a totally uncontrollable condition. I so revere my mum and everything she has to put up with. I think she gave me the lottery of autoimmune disease.. and I won. I love everything that she is. x

  10. Heyy, i've been feeling for a year numbness, tingling and random pains all over my body, butt,face,legs,back,belly,arms,hands, feet..but my all exams including the mri are clear and inconclusive. If its not ms and also nothing else show up on other exams what should i do now? I'll still try to get other opinions later on, but till then I have to do my normal life and its affecting it a lot I feel like it just keeps spreading around and getting worst over all this time and keep going. I also have been doing accupuncture and taking a lot of antidepressants but still nothing.
    I would appreciate any advice, greets!

  11. This video is a boon for me😍
    Thnxx for teaching ms in such a wonderful way and clearing all my doubts ❤️❤️

  12. In some cases strict carnivore diet can help loosing symptoms of any autoimmune disease. It seems there is a correlation between this and the protective chemicals in plants. Worth googling. 🙂

  13. Aight, so I got this, and going to do more testing for specifics. The question is, can I still play games?

  14. This video is amazing though I really appreciate the time and effort it really is amazing and a tool that can be used for awareness

  15. Oh and if your worried about getting a limp or all the new pain and numbness in your life and the loneliness because everyone thinks your shady and not sick ….you basically become allergic to the sun …bye summer….hello AC ……besides all that after a while your brain starts changing along with your thoughts and mental health… u dont get to stay you at all! I hate my MS!

  16. MS has ruined my life I'm 32 diagnosed at 20….nothing like slowly have your life stripped away while no one can tell your sick and its impossible to get assistance……since I was was 20 my discharge papers say …activity as tolerated…..try showing that to your boss……yes MS the disease where no one can tell your sick and your life is slowly stripped away it sucks it's horrible!

  17. i think the gene with strong susceptibility is HLADR1 not DR2, are they the same though? reference harrisons 20th edition pg 3190

  18. I like to learn about everything, the reason why I am doing my research on MS is because of someone that I admire very much which is Selma Blair, I like her since her Movie Bad Intentions 1999. Selma looks so young and beautiful…God Bless Her and her son.

  19. My frined barely eats, he may be dying, really nice, just let the state dump him on me, and he stips taking his medicine. Mr. River whrere are you, or is irt mr. death. where are you mr. dearth, how I am I supposed to ehlep a friend with no help out. Mr. death where are you.

  20. Currently a nursing student studying for my med-surg exam and honestly these videos are so helpful, thank you!!

  21. I had my brain scanned and neurologist said he didn't see signs of MS. Yet recently I've been feeling pins and needles all over my body at random times as well as tremors as if I'm having a panic attack. I do suffer from anxiety as well as arthritis in my neck and lower spine along with headaches. Im only 32 years old.

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