Nhà Tròn (TP Bà Rịa) 1970-1971

Water tower in Baria – open area is the ‘old’ market area destroyed in Tet Offensive in 1968 – rebuilt elsewhere; portable (mobile) shops and other shopping area near former markets Baria; small food shop where they sold rolls that became commonly known as ‘hepatitis’ rolls; Buddhist temple – village of Hoa Long; fishing for frogs in rice paddy – like many locals did not understand movie; camera and so they “posed” as if for a still photo; fishing and transport boat – just to the east of road between Baria and Vung Tau; moving the produce by ox cart – Phuoc Tuy Province, with 1 ATF Land Rover in the background; local sign writer Hoa Long village; Hoa Long covered market; water buffalo near Hoa Long market; carrying market purchases home; proprietor of coffee shop frequented by advisors, Australia and USA, in Hoa Long; local children inside district HQ Hoa Long but just outside advisor compound; moving the cattle out of village at start of working day; fishing boats with SVN Patrol Boat – overfly by Australian helicopter flying from Nui Dat to Vung Tau: we paid a visit to beachside hotels on eastern side of Long Hais – formerly very popular holiday area for French; still used by the few French still in the country and wealthy Vietnamese; whole area out of bounds to 1 ATF as the Long Hais were less than a kilometre away; same area near Long Hai mountains this time a nearby temple rarely seen by Australians due to travel restrictions – two members of Matt II; talking to local farmer; building is storage area in compound of 445 RF company (yes same unit designation number as VC 445 Battalion); camp was north of Baria on Route 15; this was one of the units advised by Matt II; vehicle was returning from day’s work to Hoa Long – taking some locals as far as nearest village – driver CPL Chadwick (Infantry) passenger WO II D ‘Squizzy’ Taylor, ordinance corps (because it let him go to Vietnam more often); dog was mascot – building was later to be third home of Matt 11; travelling with PF Platoon south along route 15 to the Van Kiep training centre ranges – these were just east of Baria at the base of the Nui Dinh Mountains. Training being conducted with M60 machine guns – this was senior NCOs of the platoon and instructional staff; mortar training of a different platoon being conducted adjacent to our training; training of Senior NCOs in M79 Grenade launcher; members of Matt 11 and interpreter at back of filming mound, WOII Taylor, Cpl Chadwick and 1st Medic attached to team; Cpl Geoff Hazel with M60 – Butt of gun held into groin to show Vietnamese that the “kick” was not a problem – actions after firing indicate that better than a woman – used more than once when training or assisting with training on this weapon as Vietnamese troops with no previous experience on the weapon had a little hesitation because of concern about the ‘kick’ of such a large weapon. This was because of their earlier experience with WW II American weapons; M72 rocker launcher; heavy machinery SVN army at Van Kiep Range; PF Platoon members waiting with transport; this platoon was based just outside village that was settled by ex-North Vietnamese Catholics after partition; 445 company – ‘Smiley’ wife of one of sergeants – became housemaid for MATT II when we moved to company base; fist move of MATT II – new team hut under construction at the company base attached the Van Kiep firing ranges – very good troops; this area became cooking, dining and office; first MATT II team leader – WOII (forgot name and still trying to find out)…

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