Reacting to Taeyeon "Dear Me" and more


Happy Birthday, Taeyeon

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  1. Exactly

    What we're not doing in 2020 is accepting mediocrity.. Taeyeon DESERVES a big budget for her music videos. She literally won her first SOTY daesang as a solo artist… SM needs to start giving her actual good album packaging and good MVs

  2. No Dylan, Drawing Our Memo- I mean Moment is epic song and become my favorite instantly, I even put it above LOL and and I love LOL! 😆
    SONE is trash we all know it when it come to SNSD we just love them no matter what lmao and once again only you that I trust to critique the girls cause you know your sh*t lmao love you Dylan, hopefully we can see more SNSD reaction here, hopefully, if they decide to comeback or something lmao

  3. I still can’t believe I feel really sad for taeyeon i mean she’s lose her 2 best friends in the last 2 years and now she’s losing her father i really wish she will be fine

    Our little beauty leader taengo ♥️

  4. I know this is weird to say, but I feel like I have a connection with her. I feel like she’s the only person that could understand. I’ve struggled so much with my mental health and seeing how strong she is makes me not want to give up, because it would feel like leaving her alone and betraying her. Like I said it’s weird since I don’t know her, but that’s how I feel. I hope she keeps going, if we lost Taeyeon I would be absolutely heartbroken.

  5. A Sone here…. you NEED to check out Dreamcatcher's Dystopia album! Imagine a kpop version of hard rock/heavy metal. They have their own "sound" just like SNSD….

  6. so despite taeyeon being m ult.. i didnt listen to the album other than dear me…. yea i have that weird thing of listening to my favourite artists a bi too late.. but wow.
    my tragedy sounded exactly like my type of song and now i am on full regret mode.. and yes the second song kinda lost its insane quality after the first minute.. my eyes pretty much came out of m head hearing the first part but then.. ahhh whatever im happy.. and taeyeons still queen

  7. For the bts reaction, it be cool if u had the time to react to all 6 music videos they put out thus far: shadow, ego, both black swan videos and both ON videos.

  8. I don’t think Drawing Our Moments should be any different. I love the belty parts as much as the gentle sweet parts. I can listen to that song on repeat for hours. #staystrongTaeyeon

  9. Dylan : she's had this hair before but I don't know when
    Me : The Boys
    0.1 seconds later
    Dylan : THE BOYS!

  10. Please react to what you missed

    Wannabe by Itzy
    Dun Dun by Everglow
    Psycho by Red Velvet
    Lion by (G)I-DLE
    Red Moon by Kard

    Thank you

  11. It literally infuriates me how many important people in Taeyeon’s life have passed away… like even the timing.. like WHY?! *smh*.. but all we can do is support and share love
    [thanks for your vids Dylan, they honestly keep the sone flame going despite the infrequent posts lol but ik you always come thru in the end thats why i will never unsub 💗] much love!

  12. FINALLY. New Reaction! Don't u dare to say said we don't care about you, No! You're WRONG! I still watch your old video because ur reaction won't fail make me smiled!

  13. When the news first came out about her late dad, that really brought tears to my eyes. I can't even imagine how she should be feeling right now. That too, on her birthday. My sincere condolences to her and her family during these hard times. Let's make her next birthday the best she ever had!

  14. I agree with the MV budget. Not sure if Taeyeon has a say in the creative direction of her MV or something, but I wish the bigger budgeted MVs of the past where the artist is actually OUTDOORS and not filming in a studio. Also the additional 3 new songs were good, but I think I can live without them. It’s like if I have the repackaged version of the album, great. But if I have the non-repackaged version, I won’t be mad/jealous/feeling fomo


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