Solo Leveling Chapter 109 Live Reaction – WHEN THE ABYSS LOOKS BACK


MAGE Reads the latest Chapter of Solo Leveling (109), So and Upgrader appears and she wants to see what you’ve got, what are the options here – unintentional Overwhelming force?

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  1. Actually madam selner is a 'upgrader', right?. She can see both the future and the past she knows he's the shadow sovereign and other sovereign, she knows when someone will die and when something bad is gonna happened
    And that's all i know about Madam selner

  2. Main character is World best sss rank hunter and he doesn't have limit that main he strong all other sss rank he will be USS rank

  3. The King Mrs. Selner is refering to is most likely the monster monarch or whatever which took over his body since the double lair. Will be interesting to see of the real sung jin woo could make a turnaround in the end

  4. Why would they bring an upgraded who they were not sure could upgrade above a rank to upgrade Sung ?? She must be able to upgrade at least s rank maybe even above as long as u have a limit u can be upgraded. That’s what I got anyway

  5. I don’t know if you guys know who AJ Lapray is but the dude on the left looks exactly like him but with black hair haha

  6. At one point nothing will be strong enough to rival Mr.Woo and it will be like in a game when you are lvl 9275321 and trying to farm lvl 100 S rank monsters for exp. It would take years to level up again. Maybe he gets a skill that makes him everlasting. That would be cool. The immortal SSSS rank hunter lmao

  7. Another scan group did this chapter (can't remember who), but instead of saying that "he is a king", and "he does not have a limit".
    They translated it as "he is a monarch, of the highest caliber", and " he has endless potential".

    I wonder what translation is more accurate to the original.

  8. OK this might be a bit of a spoiler but encase they don't explain how Mrs. Selner's powers work, I thought I would. When she looks into a person she normally sees a tube or stream of light going through the darkness. The wider that stream the more power that person has. She can push back the darkness a little and widen the stream to make them more powerful. Normally a 'King' has a flood of light, so that she can barely see the darkness around it. Jin Woo does not have a stream that she could find, she realised that HIS POWER IS THE DARKNESS!!!

  9. I don’t think hwang don suk that is the other Korean s rank in America wasn’t an s rank before he joined them I recon he was already one but just wanted to get stronger and couldn’t resist going to America

  10. she is more of a limit breaker than an upgrader , she just increases one limit and maybe power , sung here is limitless so nothing can be done

  11. in this case the translation its correct, and she refers to the national level hunters, maybe they will clarify this in the next chapter

  12. Some more context on this chapter from Light Novel; THIS HAS NO SPOILERS

    “When I was looking into him, it was looking back at me . ”

    “Well, isn’t that the case with every other Hun-”

    “No! Not Hunter Sung Jinwoo! An endless abyss of darkness was staring back at me from inside of him!”

    Lady Selner shouted hysterically . She started shaking again, a haggard expression on her face . Her fear stemmed not from any logical reasoning, but from the primal fear that all living beings felt .

    The fear of death .

    But that wasn’t even the important part . Taking even more effort on her part than before, Lady Selner was able to mumble out a few more words .

    “And he…”

    The deputy director leaned in as Lady Selner struggled, until she spoke in a voice so quiet, it could hardly even be called a whisper .

    “ . . . doesn’t have a limit . ”

  13. In the other translation they used “monarch” and thats also the term used in the novel translation. If you look at the design of the panels you might notice something xP and as she talks about how he’s not like the others, she does imply that she’s used her ability on a nation level.

  14. oh wierd, my manhwa did say monarch instead of king… interesting im reading a different edited version.
    i also dont think she can upgrade him, when she said "he has no limit" made me think shes only built on upgrading those who are at a limit. like they stop at C, B, A.

  15. a 30% boost wouldt be enough to make the average a rank into a s rank(if any). So its probably only used for s ranks and to get them to join the usa.

  16. by saying king she means a nation lvl hunter, she calls that the two Nation lvl hunters that US has. Maybe they'll explain her powers better, like they did in the light novel.

  17. "if you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you" the utmost truest definition to reflect how jin woo has progressed into a monstrous foe that has no limits. because after all.. the shadow monarch that resides within him stared back at her in a endless void of the abyss!

  18. I'm not gonna say anything about what Selner saw, since i guess it will be covered in the next chapter, but yes, she was saying that Sun God Woo has the power of at least a nation level hunter, normal humans don't know anything about monarchs and stuff

  19. she cant see the sytem thought by the way and the person inside jinwoo is ash…..OPPPPS almost spoil it TEEEHEE.

  20. Dont remember if the skipped it or if they explained it later but in the LN it is explained how upgrading works. Basically hunters take strength from some source and the limit is basically how big the opening is between the hunter and the source. What she does is expand the opening a little and let more strength flow from the source.

  21. She upgrades only S ranks. As stated that it takes too much time for the countdown. So dong su was an S rank before he got upgraded. By kings she was referring to nation levels. No spoilers but there is a difference between kings and monarchs.

  22. In this Translation Mrs Selner says "He is a King", but in other translations she says "He is a Monarch". And without spoilers I think "He is a Monarch" is the better translation for that moment. Because in Solo Leveling means Monarch not King respectively Kings, but this will you two understand in some arcs.

  23. 11:35 the translation I read she said "he's a monarch, of the most powerful kind." just letting you guys know, it sounds cooler too ??

  24. The eyes that looks back isn't just an abyss, but also Ashborn, I always believe the eye that stare at her was Ashborn himself, also even tho this chapter really short, they manage to live up to my expectation on this encounter damn, for those who wondering who the hell Ashborn is, just patiently wait for the greatest arc in solo leveling ?

  25. Jin woo will be stronger than nation level, after lvl 100 he will upgrade his skills and get better gear, and his stats are higher than a level 100


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