Still Ole Out? | Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City | United Review


Manchester United beat Manchester City for the third time this season… a quality performance from Man United gives us a 2-0 victory! The goals coming from Anthony Martial after another Bruno Fernandes assist and a stoppage time belter from Scott McTominay!

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  1. I’m ole out cause I’m not a flip flap like most fans who start wanking over a couple of decent results. Let’s pick apart the performances which prove why ole is shit and we won’t go anywhere with him.

    Chelsea performance was shocking, we parked the bus like a mid table team. Chelsea missed so many chances, maguire should of been sent off, Chelsea first goal should of stood, created fuck all chances for martial and we are lucky he took the only chance he got and maguire scores when he shouldn’t off been on the pitch. Watford performance was okay but their goal should of stood and then we would of been fucked. Rely on a penalty to break them down and the next two goals where counter attack against a poor side not good enough. Everton beyond poor it’s embarrassing, park the bus and our goal came from a mistake and we didn’t create anything and we are lucky we have bruno cause we would be fucked. There disallowed goal should of stood cause that isn’t offside. Can’t be arsed going over the europa and fa cup cause we should be winning those games. City game was great but city couldn’t be arsed let’s be real cause if they cared they would of battered us no question and our two goals came from mistakes and a free kick that was questionable to be honest. So for all the ole sexuals wanking over this shut the fuck up cause if we continue with these performances we will get found out and it might happen in our next game if we play the rest of the season that is. Ole is a fraud relying on good players to help him. Good managers like klopp and poch can make average players great players so he has no excuses for this poor season.

  2. Ask yourself where United would be without Bruno before praising Ole so much. His subs are shite. He rarely changes the game from a losing position. City's lost 7 league games with players who're tired of beating everyone.

    Then ask yourself if even Mou or AVB would do worse with this team ( especially with Bruno).

    Then ask yourself what would happen if Bruno got injured.

    Would United beat anyone without Bruno with Ole as coach?

  3. Stephen Hawson a lot of fans will want to give Ole a chance.

    We all now he dosnt have the managerial skills & knowledge plus the lack of experience to manage a club the size of Man Utd.

    Ole has done a lot of great things & changed the club for the good & also he has showen his weaknesses as well.

    Yes we want Ole out due to him not being experienced enough & the lack of managerial skills & knowledge to move us foward.

    I see Ole like Ron Akenson was as manager came in & steadied the ship but can’t take us future.

    I will praise & thank Ole for starting the rebuilding project for Potch to come in & run with it to push us till a Premier League in 4 years.

    If Ole dose stay I will support him & back him 100% & I will criticise him when he dose wrong & praise him when he gets it right like I praised him after Man City.

  4. Lol .. it's funny that you didn't know how to react to that spectacular showcase of football..
    That's the problem .. we are not supposed to feel weirded out .
    We are supposed to "be used" to feeling like that..
    ( Hopefully we are permanently moving in the right direction)

  5. Mans saying “still ole out?” Like this squad is capable of securing top 4 minimum, we need a couple more signings most definitely but a good manager can implement a system and actually have us playing good football and winning games more convincingly, getting gassed coz we sit back and counter attack and a lot of fans have lost their kinds screaming ole in, I would rather lose to the top 6 and win all the small games than what were doing now, SAF won a league like that

  6. The problem with ole is.. he can't break down teams that sit back and are defensively good. United have done good against top 4 teams b'coz they attack and don't sit back.

  7. Bruno is starting to learn that he gives passes but can’t expect passes… THIS is the biggest challenge facing Man Utd’s chemistry. Also, Maguire, Matic and Bruno are the only ones allowed to take 18 yd shots… and more often.

  8. Hi Stephen Ole Beat Pep Guardiola 3 Times, Beat Frank Lampard 3Times, Beat Joe Mourinho 1 Time and Beat Pochettino 1 Time.

  9. Lmfao Ole does the double over city an you want him gone ???????????????

  10. Lets not all act like the results will still be the same if not for Bruno. Stop with this Ole in and out stuff. I for once was ole out for good reason because he wasn't good enough no matter how u look at it. He has done some Brilliant stuff no doubt but lets not sit here and act like ole hasn't deserved the sack. For now we must all support Ole to the end of the season, if he makes top 4 or wins Europa then give him a shot next season but if he doesn't he must go. Its just my opinion

  11. went off in east stand tier 2 as well mate, i was hugging/jumping on strangers, destroyed my shins, had people from the rows behind falling on me. So good.

  12. I hope Daniel James will improve his passing while attacking,he just doesn't take risks at the opportune time when EXPECTED needed

  13. Giving Ole another season will be a huge risk. A better manager and new coaches a must next season. Also, a Technical Director is also a must next season.

  14. Always been pro Ole……..long term project………..full blooded Red Devil………still learning on the job.
    I love the direction we are going in!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️MUFC❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Ole has been brutal in the transfer windows so far. Has gotten rid of lot of deadwork plus his signings have hit the floor from the start of the season. Give him a couple of more seasons and then the haters will also start kissing his feet. GGMU ?

  16. Fucking hell, I love Ole! There's no way you can question his tactics in these big games, really looks like he's developing the temprement and grit to manage United. Just fucking love it!!

  17. Klopp beat Peps best City side 3 times in one season in 2017/18, Klopp has the best record against Pep, Nuno also did the double over Pep this season


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