The best songs of Kim Taeyeon | Playlist 2019


The best songs of Kim Taeyeon | Playlist 2019

TAEYEON 태연 (Empty Arena Ver.)
More video with Taeyeon

My second channel ‘Diamond Empty Arena Ver.’

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  1. I think most of Taeng's song on her first solo album "I" are her best too, w/o doubt that 'I' it self is one of her best..

  2. Thank u for the list I ve been searching for a playlist that would help study without getting distracted all the other playlists are kind of loud but this one is calming and relaxing of course if you use the right volume

  3. All taeyeon songs are great ones
    Seriously she doesn't have a single bad song all of them are so good
    Even her side tracks could be title tracks it is just mind blowing that every song taeyeon makes is addictive and perfect
    I love her so much

  4. Good list! I wish you would put “Time Lapse” on there too because that song is definitely one of her best song in my opinion. I love that song so much~?


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