The History of Latvia


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The History of Latvia

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Ever since the fights in Ukraine, the baltic states have been in the geopolitical spotlight.
Today, we wanna focus on Latvia, a country
with a history that’s significant, because it’s been playable of bigger european conflicts in the past.
This video explains everything you ned to know about about the History of this small but interesting country.
I didn’t focus much on the current Situation with Nato. This video is a history education video.

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  1. The Statue of Indapendence, whell the comunists wanted to destroy ur, but a russian woman, who i dont remember what rank she held, but she convinced a verry hight standing govermant official, that destroying it would cause huge unrest

  2. Have you ever tried a dialect coast, i had a simalar problem of speking, i couldnt pronounce "r", it took some work, but naw i speak perfectly.

  3. Most people of the world want freedom to run their own countries including the Baltic States. I hope Europe and the United States and NATO will support the people of Latvia and assure their Independence from Russian Domination.

  4. We remember these legion members, because they had a song, a song that had the words "mēs sitīsim tos utainos pēc tam tos zilipelēkos" which means, "we will fight the lice infested and then the blue grayers" the lice infested for them were Russians and the Blue grayers, well by their uniforms were Germans, the Courland Fortress capitulated only after Berlin, and if the nazi side of the Courland Fortress turn on us again, like they did in our war for independence (1918-1920), the Latvians would have upped their guns against them. We fought for independence not for facism or communism, we wanted to stay neutral and for the big states to respect our neutrality, surprisingly the British and the French didn't want to support our independence this time, we did it ourselves.

  5. Dievs,svēti Latviju!
    Mūs' dārgo tēviju
    Svēti jēl Latviju
    Ak svēti jēl to
    Kur latvju meitas zied
    Kur latvju dēli dzied
    Laid mums tur laime diet
    Mūs' Latvija!

  6. 0:54 Just correcting you: Livonians weren't Balts themselves, but Baltic Finns, just like Finns, Estonians, Ingrians etc. They just inhabited there.

  7. Im from latvia but im 8 i dont kniw all citys but here are some: Rīga Kūldīga Ventspils Talsi Saldus Pelči daugavpils (i dont know much more or ive forgot)

  8. They were actually not Latvian jews, they were bolsheviks the media want to call Latvian jews to give the Germans some blame.

  9. Lovely video as an introduction to this specific problem at hand (the uneasyness with the whole NATO ordeal and why) i totes didnt cry or anything haha.
    I can only point out that in 1:50 when you talk about the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth you are mistaken in saying it all was absorbed by the Russian Empire.
    RE , Austria and Prussia.

  10. I am so torn, my father is dominantly Russian while my mother is Latvian – Lithuanian, I was born in Latvia but my blood is practically Russian, my great grandmother was one of those half a million Russians to move to Latvia. Now I have no idea on what to think…

  11. Да, да учитывая что при принятии независимости всех рождённых записали в латыши в смещенных семьях, то может быть а в целом 45% русскоязычного населения по первому языку так что нехуй пиздеть тут

  12. Russia, thread for world, nobody likes them ! No ! No! I don't mean random Russian citizen , I mean all this greedy oligarcs and Putin!, shortly Putin' s unfair Russia. Latvians are great people! I don't see any problem personally betwwen Russians and Latvians ! But Russia have to understand to respect wprld nations!

  13. USA is not the policeman of the world. When we do try to help we are demonized. And apparently if we don't we are fkn hoo. We don't want more war. Learn to get along. We are not your parents , we are not raising you. Get your shit together or don't. You have a choice. Do not depend on the USA. We will fight if there comes another " Mao type" Or if Germany gets stupid again. But anything less than that , you're on your own. Figure it out. And the next time someone invests in you , better yourself. You need to apologize for WW2 and the Jews in slums too!. The war is over. And so is the lavish help. Now go cuss the USA. We know how Europe feels. And if you ask the USA, you might not get the answer you want to hear. How you think Americans are feel, might not be even close to the way we feel. We know who we are. We know how much we've given. We know we are the first in natural disasters to bring help. And we know the free ride is over.

  14. As a person with Eastern Slavic and Latvian roots, I really don't like when people use the word "Russian" when they mean "Soviet". During the time of Soviet Union most politicians in USSR were not ethnic Russians. Latvia is a great country, and I am glad through all this oppression they still have they their culture, would love to visit someday. Thank you for the video.

  15. I love Latvia. It's such a beautiful country with beautiful people. It's a shame that the majority of the population is in Riga now tho when the other parts of Latvia are so beautiful as well.
    Greetings from Finland


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