Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson infected with coronavirus in Australia l GMA


The actor announced that he and his wife both had cold-like symptoms and got tested for the novel coronavirus. Both are now in isolation in Australia.


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  1. Hey lady in blue death dnt give a f@#ck about being high profile even da Pope or the da president will open da door when death come knocks

  2. Tom Hanks feeling good let me an my wife take a needed bed for critical patient when they can isolate in a hotel room ridiculous tells u what I’m so famous put me in hospital for round clock treatment I do t need. Lost me as a fan forever so entitled mfs..!!

  3. Who cares about celebrity crying babies. Hanks and his wife testing positive for coronavirus??? Who gives a crap abc?? You? What's next? When they take a piss? Get real!

  4. I call BULLSHIT! Show the test results!

    And even if they do, they are "doing great"! Wtf is all the hubbub about?

    Those with underlying health issues and the elderly need to take precautions, the rest should care less!

    The fucking media is lying and hyping this up!!!!

  5. I wonder if Movie Studios will stop making movies since there is lots of people that make a movie. I was looking forward to watching a new release on March 20, 2020 but the movie has been postponed until June. I would guess, the virus spread would be worse by then. I wish New Movies, would be for rent on Amazon so I could pay up to $40 to watch.

  6. There are a lot of Australians still awaiting testing because they are not 'high profile' enough. The rich and famous are very fortunate indeed.

  7. As of Friday 13 ? there are 23 confirmed cases with half of those infected on a cruise.
    That's from Aussie TV!
    Dunno where you got 141 from… let me guess

  8. Obligatory Celebrity to bolster hysteria in the luckiest Country…
    Dumb Under!
    Why gush over actors?
    So disgusted with MSM.

  9. Good grief! Americans and their 'prayers' & "bible bashing' useless responses to everything. Its like going back in time to 1142 where fanatical superstition, witch burning, human sacrifice and threat of excommunication was actually a real thing.
    Thinking of Tom and Rita, hope they recover soon. Lucky they were in Australia, if not they'd still not be identified as being infected.

  10. Hanks has not got Coronavirus. Baz Luhrman is up to his marketing tricks for his upcoming film Elvis . Baz creates a controversy prior to every film he makes. Which gets international recognition for free. More effective than spending millions on advertising. Nobody knew Hanks was in Australia untill this fake news story was announced . .

  11. Stop panicking, this only like flue, not sticking that needle on me. Just be healthy drink lots of clean water and vitamin c. And thank God for the blessings too.

  12. Give me ONE good reason why I should care about pampered 1%ers who have all the very best of healthcare available to them when both of my daughters, grandkids, and son in law were very sick this week, tried to get tested, and weren't able to because of how incredibly inept this insane administration IS. My daughter who is an RN was very closely monitoring everyone in the house, medicating as best she could to try to keep temps down and finding it very difficult, also checking oxygen levels. On Monday, before her son got sick, and just as she was starting to come down with it, her son came in the door from school, she was working from home, and as she was starting to spike a fever, she was so disoriented she couldn't comprehend why he was there and what was going on, it wasn't making sense to her. She immediately called her boss and stopped working for the day. So why the hell is stupid MSM groveling all over celebrities who have healthcare when so many in the country don't have access? My family is very lucky to have access but still couldn't get tested. And what the hell is wrong with people in this country that they're not voting for the candidate that is trying to get everyone in the country covered? Does it take a pandemic to understand that Bernie Sanders has ALWAYS tried to look out for the American people's best interests??? This race isn't over, there are still a LOT of primaries to go and people need to STOP listening to what morons on MSM are telling you to think, think for yourselves and vote for what is best for YOU and YOUR family. #Sanders2020 And yes, he can still win, he's where Obama was at this point in 2008. Biden would veto Medicare for All, and he WOULD cut Social Security and Medicare benefits for those who already have it. He has NO plans, he's a DNC puppet. I used to be a huge DNC supporter but they're just as corrupt as the RNC now. Vote your conscience, not what talking heads tell you to vote. Use your intellect. I'm a former Medicare educator.

  13. Tom & Rita Hanks. I'm praying for both of you. We love you. Recover fast. I can't wait until you both are home & ready get back to work ?!!!


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