Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus


Actor Tom Hanks says he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, have been diagnosed with coronavirus. In a statement posted to Instagram, Hanks said the two were traveling in Australia when they were tested after exhibiting symptoms like tiredness, body aches, chills and “slight fevers.” #CNN #News



  1. "[…] why not at home […]" because we are a capitalist Nation that has milked all government mean of payments and now we can't afford to pay measures to protect the people since those milking the system have indoctrinated and brainwashed the population into believing Socialism is the devil while they were taking advantage of Socialism thus: Milking the government.

  2. I don't believe the Hanks. I don't feel the NBA player has it either. And Cuomo you insulting idiot only sre the human face of the disease in a so called celebrity. What does that make you Cuomo?

  3. Start calling this Corona Virus as CHINIES VIRUS on every platform to teach this dumbass chinies nation and to spreading this deadly desease in the world

  4. A human face on it? Hmmm yes the rest of the people with the coronavirus are not as human. Why don’t you guys come up with something more tangible to talk about like how we’re going to get food to Meals On Wheels or other resources to elderly that can’t leave their home or are afraid to leave their home they are more susceptible to illnesses and children that depend on their meals through school how about the people that depend on tips how’s all this income going to be replaced are we going to go into a lot more foreclosures what’s unemployment going to do etc. ??????? Instead you’ll sit there and whine and bitch all day all night I’m actually surprised you guys haven’t said President Trump didnt whip this up in his kitchen and spread it out there for all. The president did address the testing he even had the CDC officials on what you guys pay attention and listen rising lying through your teeth all the damn time

  5. If you are reading this here are some tips,
    Use a sanatizer, apply it on your face and hands,
    Use a antibiotic for pulmonary disease like amoxcyclav,
    Wear gloves,wash them at night in hot water,
    Wash your vegetables,
    You can eat meat but for now stop,
    Masks are for those who are already infected,
    If you are a man shave your beard,
    Now water drink only boiled water,
    Corona virus is nothing but fever that damages your immune system at such high rate than any other disease,
    Staying on antibiotics will make sure that you don't catch fever,
    I hope this helps,
    The world is getting thinner my friends and we can't defeat nature,
    Only the fittest will survive,

  6. CNN is freaking trash. Never mind the people that have died. Now we are supposed to care more because some actor is sick? What a shallow notion.

  7. The reason Tom and Rita are calm, is they are financially medically covered. In the end we are all human, but, let's be real, are circumstances are not all the same. I wish them well, but they'll have a good night's rest in their private room.

  8. He meant that it will put a face to this situation that we all can recognize, instead of it being something that’s happening to others and therefore something we shouldn’t take so seriously because it’s not affecting someone we don’t know or recognize

  9. Because people idiots and get there knowledge from movies and think these actors are more real than reality. Don't worry I'm sure Tom Hanks will make a movie about the coronavirus so people will learn what happens.

  10. I bet the doomsday preppers are loving this. ?. We are going about our business here in Oz following what our health providers are saying They are in good hands here

  11. Good…hopefully the whole of Hollywood is wiped out. And you scaremongering scumbags too. Your all deplorable at CNN. Your less than slime on the bottom of a dumpster

  12. This is so bad, and people just won't compherend this until it's too late. This is America the nation that is so much more evolved than any other nation. And the federal government can't had out medical testing for the carnivorous to it citizens? We are so screwed…and on top of it you have a incompetent President that can't even read… I wouldn't be surprised if trump is keeping all of the carnivorous testing for the rich

  13. Dirty leftists don't get it. No one likes the chosen candidate Biden so blaming a virus on the president will not work. Using so called ACTORS as the human face is beyond stupid grow up Cuomo. CNN Crappy News Network.


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