Top 9 Mature Rated GBA Games!

I’ve always loved the Game Boy Advance ever since I was a wee lad, and since my parents restricted my gaming habits and threshold for mature content around that time, I always had a curiosity for M-Rated games, R-rated movies etc, as well as the wider world of gaming as a whole. So in honor of my love for the system and my childhood sense of wonder, let’s take a look at the 9 M-Rated games on the GBA and rank them in order of quality and my personal enjoyment for them.

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I’m stupid and made Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition #4 instead of #3 on the pop up. Sorry about that. Also, sorry for the screen appearing cut off in certain clips, I had a difficult time getting the dimensions of the screen recorder just right.

Video credits for GBA commercials: NintenGeekTV, tomvsmclovin, KeepItRetro

Music Credits: Rolemusic – A ninja among culturachippers, Donsi Killed la rioja star (Familiar live), Another beek beep beer please, ayVentura


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39 thoughts on “Top 9 Mature Rated GBA Games!

  1. Sorry for some of the errors with this video, MK:TE is supposed to be #3 obviously, not #4 as the pop-up says. Also I get that I need to talk faster and will try to improve my delivery as a whole. I'm not going to become an auctioneer however, some youtubers talk too fast and this won't be one of those channels.

  2. I have all 9 of these original titles for my GBA as well… they go well with the micro. I don’t understand regarding why Doom I and Doom II didn’t achieve the coveted M rating either (as those are particularly fun to play, even in 2020, on the GBA micro or SP) 🤷‍♂️. I really appreciated this list/video and wished they would have put out more “M“ rated games through. Seeing the M paired with the “Nintendo Seal of Quality” was such an oxymoron for the GBA at that period of time…

    It seemed as if it was as hard as if going up against the FCC or something knowing Nintendo and all (then they release Chinatown Wars for DS not too long after the last official GBA game was released in ‘08 🤣). Great video. You spoke fine btw! Ignore the haters and keep up the good work! -HDs

  3. Wolfenstein 3d at the beginning screen says " this game has been voluntary rated PC-13 and no, it wasn't pg13, it said pc13, so idk why its considered m when its 4 13 and up

  4. Interesting how everyone calls it a snes in your pocket, even though they run a completely different architecture. The SNES runs a standard 16 bit processor. While the GBA runs a 32 bit ARM(ARM Soft Float) processor. Love the vid though, just needed to lose it with my autism😂😂😂

  5. Ideas for a vid', a list of lesser heard of open world, management, strategy, trade type games, off the top my head there's: Pay Back (Which you mentioned here), Rebel Star Tactical Command, Sim City 2000, and a home brew version of ELITE.

  6. Damn I didn’t think they could make a game for the gba that is rated above T (I thought the only way they can make a T rated game is by adding a bunch of curse words and inappropriate conversations the characters have)

  7. 8:38 Doom, Doom II, and Wolf3D were all ported by separate developers, and Doom was always more commercially successful than Wolfenstein. Doom II actually ran better and looked sharper than Doom, and Doom II had the original PC levels, whereas Doom was based on a shorter console port. As a huge Wolfenstein fan myself, and a pretty big Doom fan, I'd say Wolfenstein fans care more about port faithfulness, whereas Doom fans simply ask "can it run Doom?" As a really big Wolfenstein fan, I enjoyed playing all of the ports I could. I was so happy when I found out a SNES port existed, even though it was hilariously censored, and we had a Gamecube, I bought a copy to play on the Super Nintendo, which had not been touched in a few years as I recall. I am a little bummed the GBA version didn't include music, but it was portable, and it did include the secret Pac-Man level!

  8. …It just occurred to me why there are so few M rated games on the gameboy and the DS:
    These platforms (and Nintendo products in general) are typically meant for kids.

  9. I got a Retron 5 last year, and I'm looking for great games for it. This list line up is great! I like to have GTA Advance, and Max Payne for it. Keep Up the good work!

  10. Censoring Wolfenstein and Nazi imagery is to remove an important piece of history from the public eye. Sure it's just a video game, but some kids and adults alike only give a shit about anything if it's related to a video game. Maybe somebody out there really doesnt know or care about world war 2 much, and then they play games like Wolfenstein and it piques their curiosity and they go, "Ya know I oightta read about this stuff and find out more about the inspiration for my favorite game." Censoring Doom is sad and irksome, but censoring Wolfenstein is downright immoral.

  11. Payback is so weird, first got it on my iPod Touch years ago and recently found it was originally a gba game

  12. Please, change those thumbnails. They look so generic. I was expecting another “compilation video” with no commentary, and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised ☺️ but I was close to ignoring this vid.

  13. Okay so I came here looking for a top list of games that were actually good, but for a while, you just complained about these games. If these were the only nine M games on the GBA that;d be a different video. Not to be rude at all, but the title of your video was a little misleading, at least for the first few games. It'd be weird to make a video about the top ten xbox games and then bitch about the numbers 10-8 for not being good, as their is a massive library to choose from. IDK how many m-rated GBA games exist but it seems like you could've either reduced the number in your list, or chosen different games.

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