Travel Vietnam – COVID-19 (corona virus) update 9-3-2020


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Corona Virus, COVID-19, is really a great unknown. Whist the basic of the disease are know, the way in which it randomly selects its victims still leaves scientists guessing as to what will happen next with the virus.

With 106,000 and 61,000 recovered, there are many areas on the improve but some countries are just now sinking into worse and worse situations. Please see the latest information on my video about Vietnam and a short summary of other parts of the world.

To help you with more information I have included the following sites.

My Facebook

Backpackers VN

My YouTube Channel

World Corona Virus map

Toui Tre Newspaper

Vietnam GOVT Announcements

Vietnam News

If any more information is required please message me anytime and I will do my best to answer.



  1. My mom is in VN currently and wants to come home to the states ( LA, California). She’s worried about flying back and catching the virus. It’s not a direct flight and her layover is in Taipei. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I spend a considerable amount of time in Hanoi. I was just there and I have many business owner friends there. Friday March 8, Hanoi announced it has discovered its first case… they are all freaking out!! Everything u r reporting is true. Good job! I also witnessed upon my arrival in Hanoi on February 29th, at the airport I witnessed a large amount of people were being held in a roped off area, being attended to by multiple medical and law enforcement staff wearing full Hazmat suits. I witnessed HUNDREDS of unclaimed luggage pieces my guess they belonged to those people being held. This would indicate the people being held were new ARRIVALS. I have put up a video showing bare streets in Hanoi… ( at my YouTube Channel.) Sir r u living in Vietnam? If so, how r u going to deal with the new Visa laws kicking in on July 1st? streets bare in Hanoi Saturday night

  3. I am sorry to say but yesterday people were refused entry in some land borders, this is for a fact, a person I know witnessed this.

  4. Comments are free facts are sacred . The Vietnamese love nothing better than to gossip , don’t worry about the facts if it gets in the way of a good story .

  5. Great video mate, I'm coming over to HCMC on Saturday 14 March, looking forward to it. It's really helpful information considering there are many VLOG's from people stating that they wouldn't travel considering the "doom and gloom" fake news I think. I'm over it, we are coming over to play some great golf courses (some are restricting foreigners), but we don't care, Vietnam is full of interesting things to do and see. I will buy you a beer mate for the info you have been supplying us for FREE….great stuff.


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