TRIP REPORT | Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) (ECONOMY) | Ho Chi Minh City – Ca Mau | ATR 72

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Airline: Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO)
Flight: 0V8061
Aircraft: VN-B223
From: Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)
To: Ca Mau Airport (CAH)
Flight Time: 0h40m
My seat: 8A

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32 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT | Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) (ECONOMY) | Ho Chi Minh City – Ca Mau | ATR 72

  1. Some people don't like being filmed and I can understand but she could have told you in a nicer way. Vasco's logo reminds me of Singapore airlines…. 🙂

  2. One of my Etihad flights one of the cabin crew hit my phone out of my hand because I was filming. Note: I wasn't filming him!

  3. Before my 8th birthday, my parents and my grandmother invite me to my first international plane trip to Bangkok on Thai Airways.

  4. The first time I went alone on the plane was summer 2015.
    Vietnam Airlines A330
    Flight: VN261 (Hanoi – HCMC)
    Economy class

  5. Last plane trip I didn't hear the crew say so. While I filming people onboard, nothing happens.
    My last plane trip: VN660 (Singapore – Hanoi)
    Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350
    Economy class

  6. Sucks you have to face a mean cabin crew, but at least the rest of the flight seems smooth. And I enjoyed flying on those ATR-72s. It has been at least 15 years since I flew on one of those.

  7. Humph….what a disgraceful cabin crew at that flight…."turn off the camera now!" Have she studied manners? It looks like she's a dropout from a school. Talk with no manner. Glad your video wasn't too disturbed because of that. If I was you I would have sent that moment where that rudeness happened and report it to the police, that accident is worth a 1 month-jail for that rude cabin crew. If I could swear at her I would absolutely do it.

  8. Nice video 😀 That cabin crew was pretty rude, and I feel she could've handled the situation way better than that.

  9. I love it when it's a remote stand however I don't like it when the buses are crowded or when they have vinyls covering the windows.

  10. Wow, the chief purse, unbelievable….
    on my iberia flight also was really rude, ive asked if i can see the captain, but she refused it SOOOO RUDE TOO

  11. u've earned my loyal subscription :3 can't wait to see this channel becoming the next big thing in the aviation niche in our country ^^

  12. Yes some airlines are not allow you to do video on board and they have all the rights to take you off the plane. I can not understand it 🤔. Some Russian 🇷🇺 airlines also don’t like youtubers on board😂

  13. I have had my own experience the FA told me to turn off my camera. That was with air canada. I usually point my camera down when i enter the aircraft and resume filming once i pass the FA.

  14. That’s one reason why I’m always try to look like I’m not filming! You never know, which cabin crew you will have… 😀
    Great video anyway! I like the cut and the way you're filming!

  15. Có thể bạn tiếp viên nói khá nhỏ nhưng nghe mình đã nghe đi nghe lại vài lần thì rõ ràng bạn ấy nói : Tắt máy quay đi “anh ạ”. Nghe rất nhỏ và giọng bắc nên dễ bị lướt mất tiếng. Nếu bạn ấy chỉ nói : Tắt máy quay đi thì chữ “ đi “ nghe rất khác chứ ko phải vậy.

  16. I have same experience on one of my flights with Lufthansa.. Purser was very friendly, but one CC, who was at the rear of cabin screamed "shut down it" (means my camera) 😀

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