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1 can of sweetened condensed milk 380g (
1 can boiling hot water
1.5 cans room temperature water or milk
100g plain yogurt

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48 thoughts on “VIETNAMESE YOGURT Recipe

  1. Made twice and failed miserably both time😂 1st one separate in two layers and 2nd one just doesn't thicken no matter what. Tried putting it in rice cooker overnight and beside stove. Still delicious as a yogurt drink. Will try again later

  2. Ahhhh when ur Vietnamese but you don't know how to read or write it
    And not understand all the words ;-;

  3. If i freeze some of my yogurt that i made, can i defrost and re use as my starter? I'm just wondering if it will turn our the same…

  4. “Recycle, reuse baby food jars to protect the environment”… adorable. Thank you for the video ❤️

  5. Nếu mình ở mỹ ko có sữa chua lỏng như vậy mình xài greek plain yogurt được ko?? Vì greek plain yogurts đặc lắm bạn ơi ko có hòa vào sữa như vinamilk yogurt

  6. I remember eating these as a child! I wonder if I can make vegan versions of this, I think I will go and experiment 🙂

  7. Em đã làm thành công sữa chua với công thức của chị rồi ạ🥰😘 em cảm ơn chị nhiều

  8. Hi, I tried it and I got a separation of 2 layers. At the top, it was like yogurt and at the bottom there was a layer of liquid. Do you know what is wrong or what I can do to try and fix it? Thank you.

  9. Wow, I had completely forgotten about sua chua. I feel like the last time I had it was as a little kid on a hot day in Vietnam.

  10. So easy! I've been wanting to try making my own yogurt… I will have to try this method! Think it's hot enough in Saigon right now that I can just leave the yogurt in a container outside for 5-8h? 😉

  11. I love Vietnamese yogurt, as part of my breakfast anytime I am in HCMC, where I go regularly. Thanks for sharing this recipe. However, please stop promoting the use of plastic bags. I understand it's part of your heritage. But, it is so bad for the environment. Instead of encouraging the use of those plastic bags you could have perhaps spent a few words on how bad it is to continue such tradition, especially now that reusable lollipop molds are so readily available everywhere.
    I will still give you a thumb up. But, I hope you can make amends in future videos ….

  12. nếu mình k co hủ cái nhu vn , mình mua hủ yaua hãng khác dc k bạn ? và 1 hủ lừu lượng bn thì same với hủ yaua cái của bạn?

  13. Do we have to boil it over night? or can I just put it straight into the fridge and wait for it to freeze

  14. your connection to print this recipe is not working. I also have purchased your cook book and don't find the recipe in your book. Thank you.

  15. Hi Helen. I tried making your recipe last night. I followed the directions exactly and after 8 hours it’s only slightly set. Should I leave it for another 8 hours? I put mine covered in the oven. This time I turned on the oven light as suggested by another website. I am hoping this will work

  16. so after 5-8 hours, is it just ready to eat? and do you store them in the fridge if you don't want to freeze it? i'm new to this, so this is interesting! i will try the recipe out 🙂

  17. Hi Helen, I just tried your recipe today!! My kids love it. Thanks so much for sharing the link. 💕💕💕

  18. When looking at Vietnamese yogurt recipes with my euro cuisine yogurt maker, it says to put the lids on the jars "before" incubating… can I safely do this, or is there a good reason for the instructions saying to leave the lids off ?

  19. I made this, but it tastes just like normal yogurt? did i do anything wrong? what is it supposed to taste like?

  20. Condensed milk has no nutrients to speak of and it's loaded with sugar. I'm not sure I want to eat yogurt that's derived from it.

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