Virus corona – Việt Nam : Biện pháp toàn dân khai báo sức khỏe có khả thi và hiệu quả?


Ngày 08/03/2020 phó thủ tướng Việt Nam Vũ Đức Đam đề nghị bộ Thông Tin và Truyền Thông, bộ Y tế, các nhà mạng, các đơn vị công nghệ thông tin nhanh chóng hoàn tất các công cụ để thực hiện chính sách khai báo sức khỏe toàn dân. Thủ tướng Nguyễn Xuân Phúc chủ trương xử lý nghiêm trường hợp giấu bệnh.



  1. Những thằng csvn được phép ưu tiên mang virus corona vào VN mà không cẩn phải khai bao gì cả và cũng chằng phải chịu trách nhiệm gì cả luôn.

  2. Dễ làm mà
    Thứ nhất quản lí người ở nước ngoài về
    Thứ hai quản lý người làm ngành y tế
    Thứ ba quản lý người tiếp xúc với nhiều người như là cô giáo, nghệ sĩ, cán bộ tiếp dân
    Thứ tư quản lý bệnh viện công, tư, phòng khám tư nhân, hiệu thuốc ai có ho sốt là lấy máu xét nghiệm
    2003 dập được dịch hô hấp cấp là do bệnh đó mau chết,cho nên bệnh nhân không có thời gian để lây lan
    2020 không dập được Corona là do bệnh ít chết, bệnh nhân có thời gian để lây lan
    Vậy thì đành sống hòa bình với Corona thôi

  3. Khoi khai bao ! Coronavirus da ve toi Vietnam roi chung se nhap vao cai lu chop bu cong san va dong bon de giet chet tui nay truoc tien !De cho bon quy ma dau khat mau nay som di gap lai cai thang toi do dam dang ho chi minh o Diem Vuong. Bon da man khon nan nay song chat dat !!!

  4. SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS & OPINION…(Auto Searching CC on YouTube) ..".."… now as we can see today the mainstream media the corrupt politicians and everyone else they are pushing this coronavirus agenda like there's no tomorrow and we know that there are many different agendas associated with this and very interestingly Hillary Clinton tweeted out and you can see that they're panicking right now she said everybody from President on down needs to be focused on two things how to prevent the spread of this virus as much as possible number two how to support state and local officials hospitals doctors and nurses so they can take care of this seriously ill how to support state and local which means funding they're looking for more funding

    "… remember Governor Cuomo complaining that he wasn't receiving the funding that he wanted California declared a state of emergency because they want funding we have Maggie Haberman from the New York Times this is significant top health officials say the country is moving into mitigation and passed containment what are they pushing for a global pandemic they're pushing to bring this entire economic system down and blame it on Trump if you notice all the articles that are coming out they are pushing it towards Trump is not doing the right thing he's not doing anything at all the economy's falling apart this is their agenda now what's very interesting is we're starting to see the mainstream media start to backtrack on their stories

    "… and this is what they do because they understand that what's coming is going to reverse everything so they start to backtrack on everything that they've been saying now this is out of ABC news it says early mortality rates for coronavirus are likely misleading children and adults have done extremely well in terms of recovery it's possible that Cova 19 which is coronavirus isn't as fatal as most people think and stockpiling hand sanitizer and mass could hurt people who are truly at risk the elderly and those with weak immune systems so they're already projecting out there that well maybe this isn't as fatal as we've been reporting well

    "… they're the ones who've been pushing fear now what's very interesting about all of this remember Trump and Q has told us that the heat is going to bring change that this spring and summer are going to be hot and all of a sudden it seems that there are scientists a Chinese researcher who's looking at kovat 19 and noticed that kovat 19 has a sweet spot and for Kovan 19 to spread it has been discovered by a Chinese researcher that the temperatures have to be between eight point seven degrees Celsius or about forty seven point seven degrees Fahrenheit so a team from soon yat-sen University publish their findings on the virus and temperature last month

    "… and they're awaiting peer review they did suggest that heat could play a significant role in how the virus behaves temperatures could significantly change kovat nineteen transmission and there might be a best temperature for viral transmission the virus is highly sensitive to high temperatures this could help it from spreading in warmer countries think about this for a second drum told us the heat will calm everything down cue has told us that this is going to be a very hot spring and summer the mainstream media is starting to backtrack now saying well maybe it's not as bad as we said it was going to be we also have in April a vaccine that is going to be used on humans

    "… put all this together what happens in the spring everything starts to fall apart Trump doesn't say these things just to say them he knows the deep state playbook he knows how this is going to play out and this is why they're pushing so hard right now we are now in the middle of March they don't have much time but let's look at the coronavirus agenda we can trump crash the economy have the country turn on him when everything falls apart bring in the person waiting in the shadows team up with Hillary Clinton to go against Trump in the 2020 election actually Hillary Clinton just tweeted out for 72 years at time named a man of the year for their 100 women of the Year project they chose some new faces to highlight and I'm honored to be included alongside 99 remarkable women she's pushing her agenda she's getting prepared to enter the race but all of this is failing .

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