‘Westworld' Season 3 Premiere: We Have Questions | What in the ‘Westworld’? | The Ringer


Westworld is back and we have questions. What is Dolores up to? Why is Bernard going back to the park? Where the heck is Maeve? The Ringer’s Danny Heifetz asks these questions and more as he attempts to break down Episode 1.

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  1. When Caleb and Delores we’re traveling by helicopter to the headquarters,the clothes they were wearing when they exited the helicopter were completely different from what they were wearing upon entering the building. Was that a continuation error or was that WW’s clever timeline manipulation?

  2. The common theme of the various parks: eras of conquest (Westworld=The Wild West, Shogunworld=well, the Shogunate, Rajworld=India under British rule, and now Nazi Occupation of Europe World).

  3. I was lost the whole time then it hit me. If you can control LA. traffic then you can control anything. Still don't know wtf is going on

  4. “We don’t know who the host is that’s in the copy of…” – who says it has to be an existing cost? Why wouldn’t they be newly created hosts, with a new control unit programmed to resemble the human they are replacing !?

  5. There were multiple parks designed. Meave is in Warworld. There is room for another park if this series follows where I think it might.

  6. Evan Rachel Wood's acting is so amazing. Her ability to play a host pretending to be human is so nuanced.

    And never trust anything called "Ro." 😉

  7. What if the big A.I. machine is running a huge simulation the drugged out rich kid was talking about. Because why fucking not HBO lol

  8. No one noticed the return of the Shogun World Geisha/madam host? (Forgive me for being too lazy to google her name, she was amazing last season and glad to see her maybe have more to do even after this episode…)


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