Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic

hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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37 thoughts on “Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic

  1. For me the worst of all is when she talked about Buble and Lopilato, saying he did not push her, when he "claramente" did. And she looked inconfortable. How can you misread that?

  2. Omg I literally watched her vid on Ellen a little while ago but didn’t even realise she was untrustworthy until just now. Thank you for this vid, or I probably would have never found out about her lies.

  3. psychopath is actually pop culture lingo. the diagnosis from an actual professional is very different and not some damn checklist. thank you for popping off. i felt so torn and hurt over the words she said (ive had my own fair share of suicidal thoughts / anxiety / depression) and to once again be reminded about how jaded some people are in this world.. really it perplexes me.

  4. Sorry I'm can't finish this video. Thank you from reporting and spend time making this video. But hearing all her crap is just way to much, I have never watched a YT video and been do pissed off

  5. What makes me so upset about channels like hers, is when it comes to Meghan Markle they don't understand there are three sides to every story. His side, her side, and the truth. None of us will ever know and we shouldn't assume and make assumptions as if some of us do. What we see on TV may not be the same behind closed doors.

  6. Why are you so sure she didn't make out with Harry Styles though? There's a very high probability she did.. and she mentioned it more than once in multiple videos. We obvs dont have receipts but im questioning your certainty about her lying. Why are you so sure she didnt? Thats quite derogatory actually.. You basically saying she's not good enough for that..! Personally, I don't think that's the verification you were looking for to slam her.

  7. With the SuzyLu issues right now I'm not sure how she can get away with all this crap, but Suzy can get away with stripping channels from bullying (that shouldn't be classed as bullying)

  8. Studio c made a skit once about a girl who says shes being bullied but turns out people were just calling her out for being a bully. This makes me think of that skit

  9. The content you make is really inspiring and brings light to modern problems that may seem small but actually are effecting all of our generation.
    But I have one question
    HOW 👏 DO 👏 YOU👏 TALK👏 SO 👏FAST 👏
    you be litterally be rapping . I need those tips and tricks you use.

  10. you guys are acting like she is the devil of the world here to destroy everything. dude she is just a girl being who she is and not caring about being politically correct. You guys are NOT SAVING THE WORLD by correcting her just saying someone is a psychopath. Such a tragedy people cant speak freely anymore

  11. It’s incredible how she’s manipulated so many people including myself. I will be very watchful and careful in the future when it comes to any content or youtubers

  12. Here's what I don't appreciate, Shannon is not 50 years old she's not even 40, And Selena isn't some 18 19 year old she's heading into her late twenties so I don't see what Shannon's age has to do with what she said about her. I'm 33 and was in my 20s not too long ago and there's really not that much of a difference. Especially these days.

  13. When she mentioned bipolar it really pissed me off cause I know people who are bipolar and they’re great people

  14. I used to watch her a lot about 1-2 months ago. I simply ignored her ignorance about mental health, cosmopolitan level view on gender and screaming insecurity because…….. it felt so familiar. And then its snaped in my head. This is my divorced middle age aunt who used to around on fridays to drink wine, complain about every single person at her office and call me fat. I don't think shallon even understands what she is doing.

  15. I have watched her videos and have found them entertaining; but I’m not gonna lie, she does seem to have a deep hatred for Selena, bordering on obsession & it’s not a good look!

    I think she is now facing the backlash, as she hasn’t posted in four days. So either she’s had strikes placed on her channel, been hit with several law suits or she’s hiding out. It’ll be interesting to know if she apologies to her subscribers or not. Strange lady! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. Yes she is a scumbag, but we need these idiot's to remind us of how to be a good human being. I honestly think we should show her off to everybody, just to show them what a bad person is!
    What I'm saying is, do not cancel her, or delete her, or silence her opinion, just let other people decide and come to their own conclusions. You done this exact thing, you was a fan, then realised she is ridiculous, shallow, and desperate. In a strange way, she indirectly actually helps people become better citizens lol!

  17. I had no idea who that girl was before this video. As a guy suffering from severe anxiety and depression I do confrim that this girl is trashy and mainly trying to have fame while being talentless. Isn't there already the kardashians… Similar shit to me tbh.

  18. one of the reasons i think she sees the other person in these relationships as a mindless submissive person who is going along with the other ones manipulation is because she herself has said that she likes younger men because of the power dynamic. it's like she's projecting her own kink onto every other relationship and that is sick.

  19. This is my first time watching his vids and his accent confused me. Nonetheless, I agree with everything he said

  20. The way she is spreading lies and misinformation about mental illness is disgusting. Medication often needs adjustment because the body can get used to a certain active ingredient and it will stop working. Happened to me several times. BPD does have a genetic component, it is absurd to claim that it is always triggered by trauma. Also, trauma can be different for everyone – it doesn't always happen at home, can be happening at school for example. The way she talks about white males not having a reason for depression is horrible – we don't need more people to add to the stigma that depression is a badge of honor you can only wear for having the most traumatizing life. It is a disease and it can hit anyone.

    Lastly, many psychopaths don't have emotions towards animals or even torture them. Yes, Adolf H. had a dog, but one thing he loved him for was his obedient nature. Many of the animal protection laws were in fact made back then to discriminate against Jewish people and there was a lot of propaganda to it. It's also a myth that Adolf was a vegetarian, he cut back on meat consumption for health resons.

  21. I used to listen to her when she was just giving General dating and relationship advice. But then she started talking specifically about celebrities and it sounded so bitter and nasty that I can be bothered to watch any more videos. Now seeing all of this stuff that's coming out about her past I shouldn't have bothered listening to her in the first place. It's crazy how do you sort of people acquire relevance in our pop culture Society rather than people who have more legitimate backgrounds and don't talk about strangers like their pieces of s**. She always assumes as though she knows these people even though I highly gather she doesn't have any contacts like that. As she's always so negative about people. Even though some of the people she talks about aren't the best who is perfect? She Rags on to them kind of egging them on speculating when they will overdose or whether their Suicidal Tendencies are real? It's f***** crazy

  22. She actually is the human personification of those trashy gossip magazines that bait with titles like "XY is cheating on AB" and then give no proof except "a friend's friend told a friend that a friend said it".

  23. She's one of 'those people' that use the misfortune of others to get publicity, it's no surprise that she's so full of it… I just wish people could just ignore these people and not give them ANY attention.

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